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A new still has been revealed for The Predator, showing the titular hunter in a very bad mood. The Predator will be the 4th entry in the series, and 6th overall for those who count the Alien Vs Predator movies. The latest sequel was co-written and directed by Shane Black, who previously helmed Iron Man 3 and The Nice Guys. He also started his career with the screenplay for the original Lethal Weapon. Black isn't a newbie to the series either, having previously played ill-fated soldier Hawkins in the original.

The first trailer for The Predator just landed after a long build-up, with the story showing a group of new hybrid Predators crash-landing in the suburbs and coming into conflict with some soldiers led by Boyd Holbrook. The trailer also displayed a more comedic tone than past movies, which backs up previous statements from Black and the cast that the movie will be funnier than the other sequels.

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Now a new still from The Predator has arrived via Empire, showing the title creature fighting with an unlucky human. It appears the hype machine for the movie is finally ramping up, since the studio has been surprisingly shy about The Predator before now, only releasing a handful of stills from the production.

The return of the franchise for the first time since 2010's Predators is exciting, but the movie itself seems to be going through behind-the-scenes issues. It's been delayed multiple times and most of the third act was recently reshot, apparently due to test audiences not gelling with the tone of the movie. The Predator is also being post-converted to 3D, which isn't ideal for a movie that wasn't originally shot with the format in mind.

That said, Black has shown more than once what a talented writer and director he is, so there's every chance The Predator will be a worthy addition to the series. While the movie will act as something of a soft reboot it's been confirmed it will have ties to past entries, including a direct link to Predator 2, with actor Jake Busey playing the son of Peter Keyes, who was played by his own father Gary in the 1990 sequel.

Sadly, it seems unlikely Arnold Schwarzenegger will be making a return in The Predator, with the actor previously turning down a cameo since he wanted a bigger role. Unless Dutch makes some kind of shock appearance in the finale, it seems doubtful he'll be part of the movie.

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Source: Empire

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