The Predator Artwork Reveals Bizarre Monkey Hybrids

The Predator’s concept artist Constantine Sekeris has revealed artwork for the deleted Predator monkey hybrids. While Shane Black seemed like a natural fit to helm The Predator, the final cut of the movie felt messy. It had a great cast and some entertaining jokes and action, but the choppy, rushed nature of the storyline and the abruptness of the final act were telltale signs the movie had a difficult post-production.

There were signs The Predator was going through issues before it arrived, with numerous release date delays and the production heading backs for extensive reshoots at the start of 2018. This additional photography was to add a brand new third act, where the lead characters face off against the Ultimate Predator in a dark forest, in an attempt to lean closer to the spirit of the first movie. The Predator’s original third act saw the heroes team up with two friendly Predator’s dubbed the Emissaries. There was a huge armored vehicle action scene involving the team fighting off hybrid creatures like Spider Predators, but after negative test screenings, this entire section was removed.

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The Predator wasn’t a box office success, so sadly it seems doubtful Black’s original vision will ever be seen. Since the movie debuted, various set photos and pieces of artwork have provided a look at this unseen version, and now concept artist Constantine Sekeris has shared new art on AVP Galaxy providing a look at the deleted Predator monkey hybrids. More of his work can be found on the website.

A major subplot in The Predator was the reveal the titular hunters were using DNA from other species to upgrade their abilities, but the original version went into much greater detail on their gene-splicing activities. The hybrid concept has been divisive amongst fans, with many finding it a little too goofy. The monkey hybrid probably wouldn’t have helped that assessment, but it's unknown if this creature actually appeared in Black’s first cut or it was just an idea that never made it past concept artwork.

While The Predator was a flawed movie, it has enough merit to warrant becoming a future cult classic. The radical changes made to the narrative before release ultimately hurt the final product, and the movie's underwhelming box office returns means the franchise will likely go dormant again for a few years. Hopefully, the deleted scenes involving the hybrid creatures will make it to DVD or Blu-ray so fans can finally see them in action.

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Source: AVP Galaxy

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