The Predator TV Spot Reveals First Look At Hell Hounds

A TV spot for The Predator has revealed a first look at the redesigned Hell Hounds. The Predator will be the first instalment in the series in 8 years, following the Robert Rodriguez produced Predators. The new sequel also promises to be something of a welcome throwback to 1980’s action cinema, with the movie being written by Fred Dekker (The Monster Squad) and directed by Shane Black (The Nice Guys, Lethal Weapon). Black played Hawkins in the 1987 original, who meets a bloody end at the hands of the titular alien.

The Predator also introduces the notion of the Predators slicing their DNA with that of other creatures they’ve hunted, making them faster, stronger hunters. While the main antagonist will be the hulking Upgrade Predator, other hybrid creatures will appear such as the Hell Hounds. These nasty hunting dogs first made an appearance in Predators, but they’ve been completely redesigned for Black's movie.

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The Predator has kept the new look Hell Hounds under wraps – aside from unveiling the Funko Pop version – but a new TV spot for the movie offers a glimpse of them. The design is completely different from the one seen in Predators, and it appears their look will skew closer to their masters.

The hybrid concept should add an interesting wrinkle to the mythology of the series, but apparently, some creatures were cut from the movie following extensive reshoots. In fact, The Predator completely reshot its original third act, which took place during the day. Black has since admitted the finale lacked tension due to the daylight setting, so it was decided to rework it to nighttime instead. An action sequence involving an armored vehicle and a character played by Edward James Olmos were also cut from the final edit, but despite the amount of footage trimmed out, Black doubts an alternate cut will be released on home video.

While The Predator has suffered numerous delays and behind the scenes setbacks, there’s still reason to hope the new sequel will be the best in the series since the original. Black is an immensely talented writer and director, so if any filmmaker is going to bring something new to the long-running franchise, it's him. Apparently, two sequels may be on the cards too, but it appears the future of the series is very much dependent on how well The Predator performs.

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