First Look At New Predator Hell-Hound Revealed In Funko Pop

A new Funko toy for The Predator reveals a first look the redesigned Hell-Hounds. Director Shane Black’s new Predator sequel is introducing the idea of the titular hunters splicing their DNA with other creatures they’ve stalked in order to create the ultimate Predator. Early set reports teased the movie would feature multiple hybrid creatures, but recent reshoots are said to have cut some of them out to focus on the hulking Upgrade Predator that serves as the main antagonist.

Another creature that survived the cull is the Predator Dog, AKA the Hell-Hound. A version of this creature made its debut in 2010’s Predators, where they were used to hunt down the main characters during a battle scene. The Hell-Hounds have been given a complete redesign for The Predator, however, and are said to bear more of a resemblance to their masters.

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The design of The Predator’s Hell-Hounds has been kept under wraps thus far, but a new Instagram post from Shane Black offers a preview of the new Funko Pop toy version. Obviously, the design is a little cuter than it will appear in the final version, but it should give fans an indication of the creature’s look in the movie itself.

The Predator underwent some big changes following a test screening, where audiences were said to be a little confused by the movie’s tone. Three weeks of reshoots commenced earlier this year, with recent reports detailing some of the changes. The third act has been changed substantially, changing from a day to night setting, and the deaths of key characters have been altered too. The movie has also removed a chase sequence, in addition to cutting some Predator hybrids out.

The Predator was said to be more comedic in tone than previous movies in the initial cut, but the reshoots are said to have made the tone a little more serious and horror-focused. The director has since stated the original finale didn’t quite work the way it was shot since it took place in bright daylight. The reshoots are also said to have added more links to the other movies in the franchise, including a spear from Alien Vs Predator. If true, this nod will one of the rare acknowledgements in either series that the Alien Vs Predator movies are considered canon.

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