The Predator: New Video Reveals Artwork For Deleted Hybrid Creatures

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A new video for The Predator reveals artwork for the hybrid "menagerie" deleted from the final cut of the movie. It’s well known by now Shane Black’s The Predator went through a rocky production, with the original third act being scrapped and completely reshot. The final act originally featured the heroes teaming up with two Emissary Predators, who came to Earth to help the human race prepare for an impending invasion.

This would have led to a huge action scene where hybrid Predator creatures were unleashed on a military convoy, resulting in the deaths of several main characters. Following lukewarm test screenings, it was decided to simplify the story so both the emissaries and the hybrids were cut. The Predator’s new third act instead features a battle against the Ultimate Predator in a dark forest, and the DNA splicing subplot is played down. Sadly, the rushed, uneven pacing of the final cut indicates big pieces of the story was removed, which makes for a distracting viewing experience.

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Black has revealed The Predator is unlikely to receive an alternative cut because the effects work on these scenes weren’t completed. It’s unknown if these deleted scenes will be ever be made available, but a new video from Studio ADI reveals artwork of the hybrid creature "menagerie" cut from the movie. These twisted creatures would have included a Spider Predator and other failed experiments, and the artwork displays some nightmarish creations.

The Predator was meant to reinvent the series for a new generation of fans, but unfortunately, it seems Fox had buyer’s remorse over how much the original cut messed with franchise formula. It’s hard to say if Black’s original vision would have been better than the theatrical cut, but at the very least it sounds more ambitious. The Predator is still a fun movie, but it bears the scars of being radically reworked. The Predator proved to be something of a box-office disappointment too, so it’s doubtful a new installment will be made anytime soon.

The studio actually added a sequel cliffhanger at the last moment, with McKenna (Boyd Holbrook) being gifted with a Predator Killer suit to even the odds between him and the Predators. It was recently revealed another ending for The Predator was considered, where an unnamed character would have emerged from a pod wearing a Facehugger inspired breathing mask, linking the movie to the Alien franchise. While props were built for this ending, it was later confirmed it wasn’t actually shot.

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Source: Studio ADI

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