The Predator: Shane Black Doubts There Will Be Alternate Cut

The Predator director Shane Black doesn't think the movie will receive an alternate cut on Blu-ray – thought he had a fun concept for one. The Predator is the fourth entry in the main franchise and finds a group of disturbed war veterans forced to do battle with a new breed of alien hunters, including a Predator that has been 'upgraded' with the DNA of other alien species they've fought in past battles.

The Predator has faced some production woes on its way to the big screen, including numerous delays. The movie underwent three weeks of reshoots near the beginning of 2018 to completely overhaul the finale. Black has since confessed the ending didn't work the first time since it was set during the day, which took away a lot of the tension. The new finale takes place at night with the main characters facing off with the 'Upgrade,' while other hybrid creatures and setpieces were cut from the movie entirely.

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Fans wondered if the original finale or any deleted footage from The Predator would be reinserted via an alternate cut, but a new interview with Collider, Shane Black doesn't think that will happen since the effects work on these sequences wasn't completed. That said, he does pitch a fun alternate cut idea for the home release.

It never got finished, so the effects aren't in. So you'd have to pay to finish the effects to put it on the Blu-ray. I actually suggested 'Look, for a couple of extra million let's make Predator A.M. and Predator P.M. See them both! See all of the Predators! If you're in a little bit of a relaxed mood come see Predator P.M. Then to wake yourself up...' and we could actually do both versions of The Predator. The studio didn't really take to the idea of the A.M, P.M. [concept].

While some deleted footage will likely make its way to The Predator's home release, it's unlikely the studio will fork out to finish the effects for the removed setpieces. Perhaps if the movie does well they might consider a new cut, but if it was decided the deleted sequences didn't work to begin with, the expense of finishing them properly won't be a high priority.

The Predator is also set to receive a couple of more days of reshoots, but given how close the movie is to release, it feels like the studio is likely adding some kind of coda scene to set up a potential sequel. Fans are still hoping Arnold Schwarzenegger will appear as Dutch from the original – there are even fun theories part of his DNA went into creating the 'Upgrade' Predator – but since the actor previously turned down a scripted cameo, this feels unlikely.

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Source: Collider

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