The Predator Won't Feature Any Alien References

Shane Black says The Predator features no overt references to the Alien franchise - whilst teasing the Alien Vs Predator series may not be dead.

Alien vs Predator

The Predator features no direct ties or references to the xenomorphs from the Alien franchise. Following the release of Predator in 1987, genre fans soon wondered who would win in a fight –the titular hunter or the bloodthirsty xenomorph. The fires were only stoked when Predator 2 featured an Alien skull in the Predator trophy room as an Easter egg, but it took 14 years for Alien Vs Predator to eventually arrive. Despite a couple of entertaining set pieces, it was a fairly bland entry in both franchises, and the PG-13 rating trimmed the harsher edges from the story.

The success of Alien Vs Predator soon led to a sequel dubbed Requiem. Despite upgrading the violence to a hard R the movie was roundly lambasted for its bad script, mean-spirited gore and for lacking any of the qualities that made either franchise iconic. A planned third movie never happened, and while both creatures still regularly crossover in the form of comics, tie-in novels and video games, there’s no sign of them pairing up again on the big screen.

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The Predator recently went back for three weeks' worth of reshoots, which will completely retool the original climax and feature new demises for some characters. There were also reports these reshoots also added some Easter egg to previous movies, including a spear from Alien Vs Predator. While this nod may exist in the movie, director Shane Black revealed during The Predator’s San Diego Comic-Con panel that his film won’t have any direct ties to the Alien series.

The Xenomorphs were sort of a different thing to us. First film happened, second film happened other stuff happened, we're a sequel, not a reboot. There is no direct tie to other Alien movies. We've focused on this one instance in which a particularly angry Predator has emerged.

Alien Vs Predator Requiem AVP

Black also teased the Alien Vs Predator spinoffs may not be totally gone, stating ‘I don't think AvP is dead, do you?

The Predator’s main antagonist is a hybrid Predator dubbed ‘The Upgrade,’ which is the result of the Predators splicing DNA from other species they’ve hunted. Fans had theorized some xenomorph DNA might have made it into the genetic soup for this monster, but it appears that won’t be the case, or if it is, the movie won't directly address it. While Black focused on making a strong solo entry with The Predator, the movie’s producer also recently stated there are two possible sequels in the works.

Black’s acknowledgement of Alien Vs Predator isn’t likely to be an indicator of the direction a potential sequel could go in, but it seems The Predator is also trying to open up the universe of the series, so an appearance by the xenomorph could potentially still happen.

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