The Predator Alternate Ending Had Alien Franchise Connections

Alien Vs Predator Requiem

An alternate ending for The Predator featured several callbacks to the Alien series - and possibly set up the return of a major character. While 1987’s Predator is considered a classic of the genre, the sequels have a mixed reputation. Shane Black’s The Predator was intended to bring the series back in a big way and lay the groundwork for future entries. Sadly, it didn’t work out that way, with the movie proving to be a box office disappointment, in addition to receiving polarizing responses from fans and critics.

The Predator underwent substantial reshoots and re-edits prior to release, with the original third act being completely scrapped. Two additional “friendly” Predator characters dubbed The Emissaries and an entire battle sequence against Predator hybrid creatures were removed, and the movie bears the scars of its radical restructuring, with odd pacing and tonal issues. The ending was also considered out of sync with the rest of the movie, with the sudden introduction of a Predator Killer suit gifted to humanity.

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This suit was a late addition to The Predator and was a transparent pitch for a sequel. Now it seems the production toyed with another ending, where the pod is opened to reveal somebody inside of it, and not a Predator suit. VFX artist Jon K. Miller recently posted to his Instagram some behind the scenes images of a breathing apparatus wore by the pods' occupant and designed to evoke the Facehugger from the Alien franchise. The mask also comes with a distinct Weyland – Yutani logo on it.

Concept designer Fausto De Martini has also posted artwork on Instagram of the pod this unnamed character was supposed to emerge from. Interestingly, De Martini reveals this pod isn’t a Predator design, but one built by Weyland – Yutani. Both De Martini and Miller mention this mask was built at the last minute, and it appears this scene was actually shot since they both hope it appears on the upcoming Blu-ray release.

Unfortunately, neither elaborate on the context of this scene, or who the occupant of the pod is supposed to be. In the original cut, the pods were occupied by the Predator hybrids creature, but since this narrative thread was cut, the final film replaced this with the Predator Killer suit instead. Presumably, the person inside was supposed to be another “gift” from the Fugitive Predator, with all signs pointing to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Dutch. Considering the Facehugger mask completely covers the wearers face, maybe it was intended to be ambiguous until a sequel arrived.

All signs point to both this ending the Predator Suit one being ideas that were thrown together at the very last minute, with the suit idea eventually being deemed more appropriate. The nods to Alien are a real surprise though, with Shane Black himself stating in an interview prior to release there were no ties to that series. De Martini even notes the Weyland – Yutani logo was requested, so perhaps one idea for The Predator’s sequel would have featured a xenomorph appearance.

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Source: Jon K. Miller, Fausto De Martini (via AVP Galaxy)

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