• 15 Behind-The-Scenes Secrets You Never Knew About Preachers' Daughters

    Reality shows are known to be kind of trashy-- they like to push the envelope with their stars’ shocking behavior. However, is this what you would expect from a series following the lives of conservative, religious preachers and their young families? Turns out, yes, you should expect a lot of shocking behavior and drama-- and then some.

    When Preachers’ Daughters debuted on Lifetime in 2013, the show focused on a handful of preachers and their teenage daughters. The girls were rebellious and longed to break out of the “good girl” mold that they were expected to fit into.

    However, by the time season 3 came around, the cast got a whole lot bigger and things got way more out of control. It also included long nights, drinking, a houseful of wild teenagers in Mexico, and some honest to goodness missionary work, of course. This is reality TV at its craziest.

    From not knowing the paternity of a teen mother’s baby to throwing up in church after a wild night of drinking, here are the 15 Behind-The-Scenes Secrets You Never Knew About Preachers' Daughters.

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    Tori Drank Too Much And Threw Up In Church

    Tori Elliott may have been a straight and narrow police officer in the past but that didn’t stop her from getting her drink on… right before her father’s Saturday church sermon. Tori joked about needing to attend an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting when her partying got in the way of her dad’s work.

    She had gone out partying the night before and attended the sermon in her party clothes, which is inadvisable but not totally embarrassing. However, things really took a turn for the worse when she began yelling loudly that she had to throw up in the middle of the service.

    She ran down the aisle in the middle of the sermon, drawing attention away from the service and making it incredibly obvious to all that she was still inebriated. 

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    Olivia Wasn’t Sure Who The Father Of Her Baby Was

    Olivia Perry became a teen mom in 2013, something that was obviously scandalous to her conservative parents. But a year later she shocked her entire family by revealing that she wasn’t entirely sure of the identity of her daughter’s father.

    Her family was rocked — they never expected Olivia to have more than boyfriend at a time! But Olivia’s father, Mark, took the news hardest of all. The preacher became immediately concerned, wondering how many guys his daughter may have actually been with in the past. He insisted that a paternity test be taken and promised to pray for his confused daughter. Olivia did end up asking the second possible father to take a paternity test, who did indeed turn out to be baby Eden’s father.

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    Megan's Dad Didn't Want To Be On The Show

    Megan Cassidy signed up for Preachers' Daughters as a joke, so she was taken by surprise when she found out she had actually been chosen to be a cast member. However, that exciting news also meant that she had to tell her father that she had signed up to air all of her dirty laundry on cable TV.

    Jeff Cassidy wasn't concerned with how the public would perceive his daughter's wayward antics, though. When Megan told her dad about their opportunity, he gave his daughter a "simple no."

    At first, Megan was nervous, she hadn't expected things to go as far as they did. However, eventually she won over her father and the family was featured in the series. Sadly, Jeff never came around to the show and felt it was "heartbreaking" for his family's struggles to be aired so publicly.

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    Jayde Went To Mexico For Mission Work But Partied Instead

    When Jayde Gomez traveled to Cabo in season 3, she thought that she would spend all of her time performing missionary work and helping the less fortunate-- a fine goal indeed. However, that was not what ended up happening.

    Before Cabo, Jayde had never been to a club, but that certainly changed by the time she left. She admitted that she simply wanted to take advantage of the freedom afforded by being in a new country.

    She spent a lot of time going out on the town and partying. Jayde didn’t regret the time she spent letting her hair down, as she believed that those new experiences helped her to grow as a person. She was surprised by how easily she “came out of her shell” but was happy to have evolved.

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    Teryn Slept With Her Partner Before Marriage

    Sleeping with your partner before marriage isn’t exactly taboo in this day and age, but it’s certainly not encouraged behavior for a preacher’s daughter. Nevertheless, Teryn Koloff Chapin dropped a major bombshell on her family while filming the show: she was not a virgin when she married her husband, Chad.

    Teryn expected her mother to be a little understanding considering her own divorce, but Victoria simply refused to believe that her daughter would ever engage in such activities, despite Teryn firmly swearing that she was telling the truth.

    Teryn must have finally been able to convince her parents of the truth in her confession because they clearly tried to get a jump start keeping Teryn’s daughter on the path of the straight and narrow. Victoria and husband Kolby even got caught taking their granddaughter to church behind Teryn’s back.

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    Olivia Used To Party Hard

    Olivia’s wild ways weren’t limited to her intimate life — she was quite the partier back in the day as well. Olivia revealed the immense pressure she felt to live up to the “good girl” image expected of children of the church.

    She felt compelled to fit into the stereotype forced onto her by her peers and family and rebelled against against it, doing all she could to prove them wrong.

    Olivia’s rebellious nature led her to “hang out with all the wrong people.” She began experimenting with drugs and alcohol. She finally had a wake-up call when her license was suspended after getting in a car accident, and she found out that she was pregnant the next day. Since then she's calmed out a lot.

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    Olivia Drank And Smoked While Pregnant

    Despite her belief that her daughter Eden had changed her life for the better, Olivia had a lot of difficulty giving up her partying ways cold turkey-- even while she was pregnant.

    Olivia revealed to her daughter's paediatrician that she both smoked and drank while pregnant with Eden. The doctor gave the baby a thorough checkup and deemed the baby to be in good heath. Olivia gave god credit for her baby's fortunately healthy state.

    In the very same episode, Olivia struggled with her decision to become baptized and rededicate herself to god. Despite the incredibly close calls that she had had in the past, she wasn't convinced that she would be able to entirely give up the partying lifestyle.

    She was happy to give religion another chance but didn't feel totally ready to dive in despite her faith that god had spared her baby from her unfortunate choices.

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    Tori Considered Ending Her Life But Changed Her Mind

    Tori Elliott might not have seen the problem with her drinking and partying before her stint on Lifetime's Preachers' Daughters, but she felt deep regret over her actions after watching herself on television.

    Tori admitted that, although she was fine with her drinking before the show, actually watching herself made her realize that she had a real drinking problem. She saw the experience as a "wake-up call."

    Tori finally admitted to herself that she only pretended to be rebellious to hide the real problem: she suffered from depression which manifested itself in her heavy drinking habits.

    She considered taking her own life-- she had lost her fiancé and job and had been kicked out of her home because of her drinking. Thankfully, Tori worked hard to overcome her demons and dedicated herself to being a better role model.

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    Tamera Mowry-Housley Believes Lolly Will Become An Important Role Model

    Drinking, cursing, doing whatever she felt like, Lolly White simply could not be contained in season 3. She was a polarizing figure both on and off the set. However, at least one figure had high hopes for the out-of-control preacher's daughter.

    Tamera Mowry-Housley of The Real and Sister, Sister fame called out Lolly while on the air filming her talk show. She wasn't asking for an explanation of Lolly's wild ways, though. Instead she was supporting the young woman and explaining her view of Lolly's future.

    Tamera believed that Lolly would let go of her partying one day and would become an important role model and voice for god. Lolly responded by saying that she had heard similar things said about herself many times.

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    Taylor Dreamed Of Becoming An Adult Movie Star

    It’s been well-established that preachers’ daughters have a tendency to get a little wild from time to time-- at least a little. However, Taylor Coleman outdoes them all. Even at the young age of 18, Taylor set high aspirations for herself. She dreamed of being a exotic dancer… or an adult film star.

    Taylor’s father, Ken, was famously strict. However, his daughter envied the women in this line of work for their freedom. She showed off how seriously she took these goals by often dancing in a skimpy outfit in front of a mirror. She also made out with her ex-boyfriend the moment she bumped into him on the beach.

    Taylor’s behavior was so out of control that her father even prayed that she would never achieve her wild goals.

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    Lolly Felt Like The Entire House Ganged Up Against Her

    Church life is all about accepting others and loving them as you would love yourself, right? Well, that’s not the impression Lolly White got when she moved into the Cabo house in season 3.

    Bunking with eight other young, rebellious preachers’ daughters, Lolly thought for sure that she would find a friend in a house full of young women with a similar backgrounds to her own — but that wasn’t the case.

    Lolly joined the house later than the rest of the group, but she made a splash by showing up with a bottle of alcohol, already partying before the season had even begun. Lolly said the house immediately became tense and she “butted heads” with what seemed like everyone.

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    The Church Community Spoke Out Against The Show Before It Even Aired

    Clearly Preachers' Daughters is filled with enough shocking drama to cause some real controversy. You can’t combine religion and taboo subjects and not expect some scandal. However, this series prompted controversy and backlash before it even aired.

    Many described the show as “trashy” and “disgusting." However, this is fairly common in the world of reality TV. The real issue was the implication that girls raised by religious parents simply weren’t as wild and crazy as the show would have you believe.

    Many who grew up in similar households lamented the implications, saying that they had never in their lives considered behaving in such a manner. They were angry and insulted by the stereotype that was being presented by the show, but were sadly not shocked to see a reality TV series exaggerating these kinds of experiences for ratings.

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    Taylor Snuck Out To Go A Hotel Party

    Taylor’s wild ways weren’t limited to risqué dances and questionable life goals. She literally could not be confined and refused to take "no" for an answer. To be fair, Taylor was trying to grow up a bit when she approached her father about a potential date.

    She said she wanted her father to trust her and thus was trying to open up a line of communication with her father. However, when she was denied her request, she simply ignored her father’s wishes.

    Taylor snuck out of the house and went to meet with her potential love interest at a hotel party. She believed that her dad’s rules were too strict and unrealistic, especially for an 18 year old.

    Naturally, she was caught and her father gave her a very stern lecture. He even went so far as to call her boyfriend "a demon."

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    Cierra Hated Lolly And Refuses To Ever Be Friends With Her

    Lolly’s belief that the entire house hated her might have seemed paranoid, but she was definitely right about at least one of her Cabo housemates. Cierra Vaughn carried no love for her onscreen roommate.

    Like many of her housemates, Cierra was focused on the missionary work and learning more about herself, but she also spent a lot of time drinking and partying. Lolly enjoyed the freedom of Cabo as well, but the girls’ didn't have enough similarities to create a bond.

    Cierra was very open about her hatred of Lolly. She said that she had never met anyone like her before-- and was glad that she hadn’t. She swore that she would never actually be friends with Lolly outside of the show. Sometimes people don't get along, despite their similar backgrounds.

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    Jayde Refuses To Judge The Other Girls No Matter What They Do

    Jayde Gomez may not have as quite a crazy past as her season 3 roommates, but she refused to let her castmates actions affect her opinion of them. Jayde believed that the women in her missionary home were adults and were entitled to their own actions, no matter how potentially reckless those decisions may have been.

    Jayde admitted that she initially struggled with whether or not she would stay on the straight and narrow or let her hair down and be herself when she got to Mexico.

    Her own struggle taught her to be a source of strength and understanding to those around her. There was literally nothing that her roommates could have done to disappoint her-- except for cursing in front of children, of course.


    Can you think of any other dark secrets about Preachers' Daughters that we forgot to mention? Let us know in the comments!

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