Tulip's In Trouble in New Promo For Preacher: 'Viktor'

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Tulip is in the clutches of a mysterious enemy from her past, and Eugene has an interesting new mentor in Hell, in a promo for season 2, episode 4 of AMC's Preacher.

In last week's episode, Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy arrived in New Orleans but Tulip was clearly not happy to be there and hid away while Jesse scoured the city's jazz clubs looking for God (and finding Featherstone, an agent of the mysterious organization The Grail). At the episode's end we learned why Tulip was so nervous about visiting New Orleans - when she was busted in on by a bunch of thugs, working for a mysterious figure named Viktor. We also caught up with Eugene, who has been serving time in Hell endlessly reliving the horrific shotgun incident that led to his disfigurement, and Tracy Loach going into a coma (the episode served up that horrifyingly comedic scene in all its gruesome detail).

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In the above promo for episode 3 from AMC, tellingly titled "Viktor", Tulip is taken to a giant mansion and confronted by a menacing bald man who scares her enough to crack her usual unflappable demeanor and make her cry. The promo also focuses on one of Viktor's henchmen, who is later seen fighting with Tulip. We can guess that the episode will fill us in on the nature of Tulip's past relationship with Viktor, and reveal what it is about him - or what he knows about her - that could make her so scared and upset.

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In addition to the Viktor storyline, the episode will also go back to Hell to show Eugene meeting with his new mentor, the one and only Adolf Hitler (Noah Taylor). With Hitler taking over his education in Hell, we can only imagine the terrible path Eugene is about to be placed upon. Nothing good ever happens when Hitler becomes your teacher.

The promo also teases what goes on with Jesse and Cassidy back in New Orleans after they realize Tulip is gone. Clearly, their quest to find God will have to be put on hold until they can determine Tulip's whereabouts and bring her back into the fold. The promo shows a brief glimpse of a torture room where some poor soul is being worked over by a man in a blood-spattered plastic apron. We later see Jesse fighting with the man in the apron while his victim hangs from a harness, minus an arm. Somehow this torturer must fit in with Jesse and Cassidy's efforts to find out who took Tulip.

It doesn't look like we will be seeing much of Herr Starr (Pipp Torrens) or Featherstone (Julie Ann Emery) in next week's episode, but those characters are sure to become major players in the weeks to come. Already this season we've seen those two villains, plus The Saint of Killers, and now we're getting Viktor and for good measure Hitler himself. It seems Preacher is trying to set some kind of record for Most Bad Guys Ever.

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Preacher continues next week with 'Viktor'.

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