Preacher TV Show Trailer: Violence Begets Violence

It’s about to get real for AMC’s new Preacher pilot. From the comic book’s final installment in 2000 to next year’s pilot, the cult series has been on a long, bumpy journey. The show's first trailer, which aired during The Walking Dead, offers a rapid-fire glimpses of a darkly funny and violent show in progress—something that should come as good news to worried fans.

Since being championed by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg (The Interview, Pineapple Express), fans of the comic weren’t shy about voicing their concern over the show’s developers. And Rogen and Goldberg didn’t allay any fears by announcing that Preacher’s television story line would deviate from the comic books' plot. But as the trailer unfurls, in just over a minute’s worth of intense action, many of these fears should be put to rest.

As the Preacher trailer opens, a young boy asks the good reverend to hurt his abusive father. His question prompts a quizzical response from the preacher, as well as a series of flashbacks. A machine gun montage riddles the viewers with a cornucopia of violence – Custer-on-random-bar-redneck violence, Tulip-on-old-guy violence, and what could be a member of the Grail dispatching a pilot with a broken bottle. After the sequence, Custer asks the boy how far he’s willing to go. The boy, after looking the preacher in the eye, seems a little squeamish about his request. Before the trailer fades out, viewers are treated to bloodsucker Cassidy’s first words, when he asks fellow jailbird Custer in his Irish brogue, “Jaysus, what kind of a preacher are you?”

Dominic Cooper from the Preacher TV Show trailer

Although difficult to determine from such a short sequence, the gritty, western-meets-horror atmosphere of the graphic novel does bleed through a little in the Preacher trailer. The preview also hints at the frenetic pacing and hyper-violent set pieces which made the comic book such a standout. Dominic Cooper’s (Agent Carter) read is true to form as well, exuding Jesse Custer’s blend of smooth, Southern reluctance and simmering anger. And Joseph Gilgun (The Last Witch Hunter) sounds just about right as Cassidy. The glimpses we get of characters like Tulip (Ruth Negga) are less informative, though.

If Rogen and Goldberg have altered the Preacher plot for the sake of new viewers, it’s hard to tell from the trailer. The overall flavor of the original comic book seems intact. Apparently, consulting with co-executive producers (and comic book writers) Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon paid off. The irreverence and the leitmotif of impending doom which makes the graphic novel so appealing are also present in the preview. Still, a trailer is only a trailer, and the true test will come when Preacher reveals itself in all its gory glory next year.

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Preacher will premiere on AMC in 2016.

Source: AMC, Deadline

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