Preacher TV Show Trailer Teaser: Judgement Awaits

Ever since the new broke that Sony TV and AMC are producing a series based on the popular DC/Vertigo series Preacher from a pitch by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, fans have been part-intrigued, part-concerned. Given Goldberg and Rogen’s history of specializing in raunchy comedy fare (see Superbad, This Is the End, etc.), many worried that the series would stray too far from its comic roots.

AMC has now unleashed a teaser to give us a taste of what’s in store before the full trailer reveal during Sunday’s extended The Walking Dead. Not only does the teaser give us a good glimpse of star Dominic Cooper in action as the eponymous preacher himself, Jesse Custer, but it also treats us to a few quick glimpses of scenes that suggest this show will be as dark and twisted as its source material after all.

Being a teaser, there isn’t very much offered up in the Preacher clip above; it clocks in at only 12 seconds long, and 8 seconds of that time shows the series title and reveals the release information for the full trailer premiere (along with the #PreacherAMC hashtag.).

Nonetheless, the Preacher teaser manages to to pack a lot into that other 4 seconds, all the same. In addition to shots of Custer behind the pulpit and what we can assume is Custer walking down a lonely dirt road, we also get flickering glimpses of seven other scenes from the series in the span of around 2 ½ seconds. That’s not a lot of screen time, but even with the flickering effect of the video there are some distinct visuals that jump out at you.

Preacher TV show trailer teaser

Among the brief scenes are a look at everyone’s favorite Irish vampire, Cassidy (played by Joe Gilgun), what appears to be a few violent deaths, a burning trailer and assorted bits of action such as Custer in a bar fight. The scenes were likely selected to try and appeal to fans of the comic - though even those who aren’t familiar with the comic may be intrigued by the clip. Given that the full trailer is set to debut among the carnage and mayhem of The Walking Dead, it’s safe to assume the trailer will demonstrate that Preacher itself is aimed at much the same demographic as the zombie series.

Obviously, a teaser or even a full trailer aren’t going to be enough to sway those who are dead-set against Rogen and Goldberg’s vision of Preacher. It also isn’t going to guarantee a quality adaptation, though some may find it promising. Good or bad, we’ll get a better glimpse of what’s to come during Sunday’s full trailer reveal.

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Preacher will air on AMC in 2016.

Source: AMC

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