'Preacher' Adds 'Constantine's Lucy Griffiths; Dominic Cooper in Final Talks

AMC Preacher Eyes Dominic Cooper

It's not too often that a comic book adaptation ends up with its supporting cast in place before the star expected to carry the story, but such is the case with AMC's Preacher, based on the comic by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon. That may not last for long, however, as it now seems frontrunner Dominic Cooper (Agent Carter) is all but signed to portray the titular preacher, Jesse Custer.

Meanwhile, the series has added another comic book alum in Lucy Griffiths, recently seen in the pilot episode for NBC's Constantine. In a step away from the comic, Griffiths will be playing an entirely new character - with a unique connection to Custer.

THR has the latest casting details, stating that Griffiths has been added to the show's pilot as 'Emily Woodrow,' a "no-nonsense single mother of three" who acts as Jesse's right-hand woman in the running of his church. Portraying a wise mother with a bit of a crush will be a far cry from her turn on Constantine, but those who have read the comic know that Griffiths involvement may also be limited to the show's pilot.

Preacher Actress Lucy Griffiths

We'll steer clear of spoilers, and simply say that the story of Preacher gains steam once Jesse Custer leaves his flock to hit the open road in search of God. The new character could be a sign of even more departures from the source material - or a means to introduce a physical embodiment of the life (and faith) that Jesse eventually leaves behind. Only time will tell. For Griffiths' sake, however, we hope it's the former.

Griffiths joins the pilot's core cast (who won't be going anywhere soon) of Joe Gilgun, playing the hedonistic vampire Cassidy, and Ruth Negga (playing Jesse's ex-girlfriend Tulip). The lead role may be filled soon, with TheWrap reporting that weeks after Dominic Cooper's name first surfaced as the network's top choice, a finalized deal is merely a "formality" at this point.

Preacher TV Actor Dominic Cooper

What do you think of Cooper in the role of a faithless preacher able to command mortals at his will? Was there another actor you had hoped to see in contention for the part? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Preacher will begin production this year, expected to air on AMC in 2016.

Source: THR, The Wrap

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