'Preacher' TV Show Casts Joe Gilgun as Vampire 'Cassidy'

Preacher TV Show Cassidy Actor

With so much success - both critical and ratings - found in darker drama, it's no surprise that AMC decided it was the right home for Preacher, a TV series from Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg, based on the Vertigo Comics series of the same name. Following a preacher with the voice of God, his bold ex-girlfriend, and their vampire companion, Preacher falls squarely into the world of comic books just outrageous enough to work on small-scale television.

Now, it seems the role of Proinsias Cassidy (simply 'Cassidy' to his friends) has been cast, with English actor Joe Gilgun landing the part of America's most irresponsible and drug-addled vampire.

The news comes from Deadline, meaning after several years of TV and film work in the UK - including the sci-fi series Misfits, and drama This is England - Gilgun has landed what looks to be his most high-profile role in America to date. As tricky a figure as Cassidy may be to capture, Gilgun has already shown a knack for playing... unbalanced characters.

Preacher TV Series Cassidy Joseph Gilgun

In Misfits, Gilgun was relied upon for a majority of comic relief, with his poor taste and crude personality making him the kind of disgusting fool that audiences can't help but love. His minor (but memorable) turn as a deranged killer in the futuristic prison thriller Lockout took those traits arguably too far over the top, but Gilgun has nevertheless established himself as an actor capable of 'bringing the crazy,' but remaining oddly charming in the process.

Those who read the comics know that doing the Irish vampire justice is easier said than done. Having spent the better part of a century roaming America, indulging in drugs, sex and drink (both blood and alcohol), it's the discovery of titular preacher Jesse Custer and his outspoken ex who finally provide him with an an anchor and mission. The mission: staying one step ahead of the saintly killer out for all their lives.

It seems principal casting for Preacher is moving ahead with speed, with this news following hot on the heels of word that Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Ruth Negga - herself a Misfits alum - has been cast as co-lead Tulip O'Hare. Now it's just the title role that must be found, with Dominic Cooper (Captain America) the rumored frontunner.

AMC Preacher TV Show Cast

With two of the main three cast members now in place, what do you Preacher fans think of the show's work so far? Do you think it's the kind of dark, supernatural drama that will also be a hit with AMC viewers brought in by The Walking Dead, or do you have your doubts? Sound off in the comments.

Preacher will begin production this year, expected to air on AMC in 2016.

Source: Deadline

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