Preacher: Which Character Will Turn Out To Be God?

Preacher renewed for season 2

[Contains SPOILERS for season 2 of Preacher.]

Preacher keeps delivering the wild ride this second season promised. As we progress deeper into what makes all of the characters tick, we have been able to see vulnerable sides of them that carry a little more weight. More and more characters from the comics are being brought to the screen as the second half of the season finally introduces its promised big bad in Herr Starr.

There have been teases about Jesse's family throughout this second season, including him using his mother's maiden name to gain clout with a Voodoo shop owner in "Sokosha." There have been posters for Angelville, the home of his maternal grandmother and her goons, and even a mention about the estate having once been a major player in the soul trading business. "Pig" showed us exactly what kind of organization The Grail really is, and just how ruthless Starr is as the leader of the Samson unit who is tasked with eliminating false prophets.

In a trailer for the remainder of season 2, we even see more of Featherstone and Hoover (Starr's minions) as things promise to ramp up once again. Now that Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy are finally on their comic-famous road trip to find God, the one thing there hasn't been much of in the second season is talk of God. However, the cast seemed very eager to spill the beans about God having been cast and teasing that the characters and audience have already met him.

Dominic Cooper John Ales Preacher Pig

Doomsday Preacher

It would be a little too on the nose for this character to be God, but back in the season 2 premiere, Cassidy makes a joke about God having passed through the She She's strip club as "hiding in plain sight." Again, this character doesn't fit the met in a bar criterion, and he seems more into beer than jazz. However, that could be exactly the point. His signs are both humorous and honest. The larger of the two simply reads, "The end is seriously nigh!!! Spare a buck for a beer?" Even upon Jesse's first speaking to him, the man agrees to chat with him so long as he pays the price.

The second sign may not seem like it, but it truly is a quote from the Bible. This far more appropriate crude cardboard banner reads, "Let beer be for those who are perishing, wine for those who are in anguish. Let them drink and forget their poverty and remember their misery no more. - Proverbs 31:6-7." The street preacher is charismatic and open with Jesse as they discuss the impending end of the world. While surprisingly insightful about people needing something apocalyptic to take their minds off their own lives, his car payments, drinking problem, and lack of love for jazz may well knock his out of the running. "Pig" also aired after Comic-Con, when the cast interview took place, which could be another reason this preacher is a false prophet.

Dominic Cooper Preacher Damsels

Jazz Head

As early as "On The Road," Jesse has been told that God is a music man. Tammy's dying words at She She's were that God hadn't come to the strip club for women, he'd come for jazz. When they finally make their way to New Orleans, Jesse's first night of checking out every jazz bar in town is not going well. After stumbling upon some kind of kink basement, dodging punches, and beating up guys in white suits, Jesse finally has time to sit down and enjoy some music. As the band is packing up for last call, one man begs them to play another song before closing up shop.

Jesse requests "A Walk to the Peak," and the man congratulates him on choosing an "18 carat" track. When Jesse confesses that he's been listening to it a lot lately so he could understand it, the man replies, "Can't you feel it? It's the end of the world." The amalgam of the stoner/biker motif really makes this character stand out in the bar crowd almost as much as a drunk preacher.

Frank Patel

After we learned the news that Preacher's audience has already met God, Frank Patel (Vik Sahay) was the first character to come to mind. The once lounge singer in "Mumbai Sky Tower" is one of the most passionate characters we've met on the series so far, and he was only on screen for a few minutes. Now that we know God is out there, we're left wondering how faithful this interpretation of the comic will turn out. Based on the books, God was an insufferable egomaniac that left Heaven because the angels didn't love him enough.

Show business seems like a perfect place for someone seeking constant adulation and praise. Frank seems unbothered when Fiore arrives and begins dying and coming back to life. While everyone else enjoys the spectacle of it all, he wishes for simpler times. He and Jesse share a drink and smokes at the casino bar while waiting for Cassidy and "Ganesh" to come downstairs for the evening show. He condescendingly calls the crowds savages and animals because they prefer violence to the "velvet honey" of a voice like Frank Sinatra's. The advice Frank gives Jesse is actually what kicks off the whole road trip to New Orleans. Before parting ways, he tells him:

"But don't forget the music. Whatever it is, no matter the question, music's your answer. Maim and kill until you're blue in the face for all I care. But in the end, you gotta remember the music."

Frank is also our top choice because he's the only one of the characters that fits the scenario Joseph Gilgun described (having met God at a bar) while also being one of the very few characters outside the mains that has a full name. He doesn't appear to be affiliated with any of the other groups we've come across, and his love of music is paramount. Perhaps we got it wrong at the beginning of the season. Maybe God likes good music, not good jazz specifically.

What if instead of just one of these characters, God is all of them? He could be whoever our characters need him to be at the moment. Perhaps the bar reveal is just a testament to how much time this group spends drinking and being involved in and around debauchery. Fans won't have to wait too much longer since the cast promises a reveal by the season finale. Who do you think is God?

Preacher airs Mondays at 9/8c on AMC.

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