Preacher: 5 Reasons Tulip Should Stay With Jesse (& 5 Reasons She Should Pick Cassidy)

Preacher is a show that has insane storylines, intense action, and outright hilarious moments that instantly become some of the best scenes of the series. Add in a little drama and you have one of the craziest yet best shows on television right now.

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With the series wrapping up this season, there's a lot left to unpack, including the intriguing relationships between Tulip and the two men in her life: Jesse and Cassidy. The love triangle may not be the focus of the show, but there are definite moments throughout the series where we have wondered who Tulip will end up with when all is said and done.

Let's assess that now by weighing the reasons she should stay with Jesse, or pick Cassidy instead.

10 Stay With Jesse: He’s Her First Love

Jesse Custer and Tulip O'Hare have a long history together. Starting out as childhood friends who become so much more than that, they have a lot of memories together as well as love for each other that just won't go away.

Sure, there have been ups and downs, including before audiences are first introduced to them on Preacher. Nevertheless, since they reunited, Jesse has proven he would go above and beyond to take care of Tulip, there is a deep love that you aren't soon to replace, no matter who comes in the picture. That is where the problem lies for Cassidy…

9 Pick Cassidy: He’s There For Her (Even When Jesse Isn’t)

In the past three seasons of Preacher, Jesse has acted a little selfish on more than one occasion. Instead of being there for Tulip, Jesse only thinks about himself.

On the total opposite end of the spectrum is Cassidy. His main focus is almost always Tulip. He has literally dropped everything in his own life to be by her side. Even when they first met and were intimate with one another, it was because Jesse was completely trying to ignore Tulip and not include her in his life. Enter Cassidy.

8 Stay With Jesse: They’re A Great Team

Even before the events of the series, Tulip and Jesse were a great dynamic duo. Granted, they were criminals who lied, cheated, and stole; however, they made a helluva team while doing it.

When things went sideways, they always had each other's backs and made sure to defend one another from anyone who might get in their way or cause bodily harm. You can't trust just anyone with a job like that, and they always trusted each other completely with their own lives. That is a significant trust to have in a person.

7 Pick Cassidy: He Doesn’t Have A God Complex (Unlike Jesse)

Since the beginning of the hit AMC show, Jesse Custer was overtaken by a mysterious power known as Genesis. It basically gave him God-like powers and allowed him to command anyone to do anything he wanted. This included sending Eugene to hell, which was messed up, to say the least.

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Unsurprisingly, Jesse let this power go to his head, which is likely the understatement of the year. Cassidy never had this issue, and certainly didn't like it when Jesse used this power for evil instead of good. Plus, it only complicated Tulip's life and showed she would have been better off without that kind of trouble.

6 Stay With Jesse: Tulip & Jesse Have Great Chemistry

Whether you are a fan of Tulip with Jesse or not, there is something you just cannot deny about their relationship: They have amazing chemistry.

Maybe this is because the actors behind the roles - Ruth Negga and Dominic Cooper - are a real-life couple. Regardless of the reason behind their white-hot chemistry, it is one of the most appealing parts of their relationship, to be sure.

Even if they aren't intimate in a scene, they still have a way of interacting with one another that is difficult to copy. It just shows their love is hard to beat.

5 Pick Cassidy: He Supports Tulip In Everything

Cassidy is a 119-year-old Irish vampire who, when we first meet him, did not have many intimate connections with people he cared about. This all changes the moment he meets Tulip O'Hare. Of course, Jesse is also his close friend, but we can tell that his loyalty lies with Tulip.

Because of this, Cassidy supports Tulip in everything she does. He has proven this time and time again throughout the series, and never waivers in his devotion to her. That kind of unconditional support is hard to come by, as Tulip knows.

4 Stay With Jesse: He Brought Her Back From The Dead

In the Season 2 finale, Tulip was shot by Lara Featherstone and died. She was sent to purgatory as Jesse and Cassidy scrambled to save her life. Cassidy wanted to make her a vampire but Jesse refused and did something even riskier: He brought her back from the dead.

Jesse did this with the help of his evil grandmother and this action had serious consequences. The fact Jesse was so unwilling to lose the love of his life that he went to the woman he despises the most shows how deep his love runs for Tulip.

3 Pick Cassidy: He Is Loyal To Tulip

Cassidy's loyalty to Tulip has been there since day 1. Even though he met Jesse first and they became fast friends, under the strangest circumstances, he was still more devoted to Tulip.

The two had an instant connection that, at least for Cassidy, surpassed their physical intimacy. How many times has Cassidy gone above and beyond to be loyal to Tulip over anyone else? The answer is insurmountable, quite honestly.

The unfortunate thing is that Tulip does not always appreciate Cassidy's loyalty as much as she should, but that still doesn't deter Cassidy.

2 Stay With Jesse: They Have A Lot In Common

Tulip O'Hare and Jesse Custer are a match made in heaven when you think about it. They both had a troubled childhood, became criminals, are stubborn as hell, and love each other with every fiber of their beings.

The pair have so much more in common with each other, like the fact they're both from Texas and grew up with one another. While they may have some differences, as well, they share common beliefs, views, and interests where it counts. 

1 Pick Cassidy: He Would Do Anything For Her

We already know that Cassidy is one of the most loyal vampires we have ever seen, especially when it comes to Tulip O'Hare. The man would literally do anything for her. Cassidy risked his life and was even ready to use his vampiric blood to save Tulip's after she suffered a significant gunshot wound.

Cassidy puts his own feelings aside for Tulip so that she can be happy with Jesse, no matter how much it kills him to see her with another man. He may be friends with Jesse, but his love and loyalty are all for Tulip, and that will never change.

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