10 Things That Need To Happen Before Preacher Ends

10 Things That Need To Happen Before Preacher Ends

Preacher will end with its fourth season on AMC. The good news is that the network revealed the end of the series in advance, so the showrunners can put together a final season that will end the story in a satisfying manner. Of course, looking at where Preacher is now compared to that point in the comic books makes it clear there is a lot that happened that will have to be omitted or skimmed over.

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Of course, Preacher has also proven over the first three seasons that it isn't dedicated to retelling the story from the comics verbatim and has no problem drifting away from the source material -- as Arseface's journey and the introduction of Hitler proves. With that said, here is a look at things that need to happen before the final episode of the final season of Preacher takes place. Spoilers follow for events in Preacher comic books.


10 Things That Need To Happen Before Preacher Ends

Season 3 of Preacher saw Cassidy captured by The Grail and chained up in the bottom of a pit along with a captured angel as well. Fans of the comic books know what is likely coming. The Grail start to torture Cassidy and bring in a torture specialist to inflict as much pain on the vampire as possible.

They break him down, dismember him, and take him to the brink of death but he never gives up his buddy Jesse. Then, Jesse shows up and saves Cassidy's life. It is a nice moment and one of two big moments for the conflicted vampire in the comics that should make it to the small screen.


10 Things That Need To Happen Before Preacher Ends

Jesse needs to separate from Tulip for at least one or two episodes so the final season of Preacher can recreate the storyline of Jesse learning his mother is still alive and well, but hiding from her evil family -- who he finally vanquished at the end of season 3.

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In the comics, Jesse's mom is a waitress and lives a peaceful life around people who care about her, a great change from the horrors she experienced with her own mother in Angelville. Jesse is able to reconnect with his mom at this point, and when he learns she is in a good place, it frees him up for the final battle.


10 Things That Need To Happen Before Preacher Ends

As season 3 showed, Arseface is still horribly angry that Jesse is still alive and left him in Hell for no reason way back in season 1. There needs to be closure between the two men before Preacher comes to an end. However, Arseface deserves so much more than that for his own story.

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In the comics, Arseface ended up in a town where he met a girl who was mutated from inbreeding and had one giant eye in the middle of her face. Despite this, people love her because she has a good heart. She also has mental problems and can't see how people really look -- instead, seeing them looking like cows, giant soda bottles and more. In Arseface, she saw a handsome man and the two fell in love.


10 Things That Need To Happen Before Preacher Ends

God has been a coward for most of the series and has tried to use Tulip to get Jesse to stop looking for him and leave him alone. It is time for Jesse and God to finally have their confrontation. As in the comics, the two need to realize that they are at a stalemate and won't be able to settle things as Jesse hoped they could.

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Jesse and God have to face off, even though that is not the battle that will end things. Jesse has Herr Starr with while The Saint of Killers helping, but a one-on-one needs to finally happen in the final season of Preacher.


10 Things That Need To Happen Before Preacher Ends

When it comes to moments from the comic books, the story of the Spaceman is one that doesn't have to happen but it would be an amazing standalone episode if they can give time for this meeting. For those who haven't read the Preacher comic books, the Spaceman moment has Jesse sitting down for drinks with a man and listening to a story.

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This man served in Vietnam with Jesse's father and tells a story about how his dad was a real hero at the time. While the Vietnam era is out of the playbook with the television show's timeframe, a similar story where Jesse learns more about his dad would be a nice bow on his story if he gets to meet his mom again as well.


10 Things That Need To Happen Before Preacher Ends

With only one season left, there is a good chance that the Preacher TV show has the final battle between Jesse and Herr Starr take place at Masada. This could provide a great backdrop for the final war, but that is not where this series needs to end. Jesse needs to head to Masada to save Cassidy but then he needs to return to Texas.

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The final battle between Herr Starr and Jesse needs to take place at the Alamo, just as it did in the comic books. The entire theme of the final stand at the Alamo is too perfect for Jesse's story to pass on it for anywhere else.


10 Things That Need To Happen Before Preacher Ends

Tulip went through hell in the comic books and she has remained slightly unscathed on the television show, outside of an unfortunate death. She has rejected God's deals twice and there has to be a reckoning coming for the tough-as-nails Texan. The final season of Preacher needs to see Tulip suffer some before she comes back stronger than ever.

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The final season of Preacher needs to have Tulip separated from Jesse due to him betraying her by lying and leaving her behind for her own safety. This should lead to her wondering what she is really fighting for before the final battle when she comes back stronger than ever.


10 Things That Need To Happen Before Preacher Ends

Herr Starr's defeat in the comic books was perfect. He was a jerk who used and discarded people. He was someone who deserved no mercy and killed even those who believed in his cause the most. Non-comic book fans who have been watching the show with no idea of what happens in the comics could be in for a surprise if they take it in the direction of the books.

While it is expected that Jesse will be the man to finally kill Herr Starr, that is not what happened in the comic books. As a matter of fact, Jesse was very busy in another fight when Tulip made her way through the Grail, guns blazing, and finally took down Herr Starr herself. Making Tulip the hero to beat The Grail would be the perfect end for her television character.


10 Things That Need To Happen Before Preacher Ends

Cassidy betrayed Jesse more than once -- not because he was an evil man but because he was a vampire on the road to Hell and failed to do the right thing even when given the chance. However, the final battle for Jesse in the comics was not against Herr Starr or God, but against his best friend Cassidy.

The two men battled it out, all while telling each other how disappointed they were with Cassidy's actions. Jesse was angry and Cassidey remorseful and they beat the hell out of each other to prove it. Then, as the sun came up, Cassidy sacrificed himself after making a secret deal with God to save Jesse and release his friend from Genesis once and for all. It was the perfect hero moment for Cassidy.


10 Things That Need To Happen Before Preacher Ends

The most controversial moment in the comic books needs to be how they end the final season of Preacher. The Saint of Killers spent much of his life in Hell and when he wasn't there, he was on a mission to kill and kill and kill again. He deserves peace and this moment is his chance to win that peace.

As readers of the Preacher comics know, the Saint of Killers made his way into Heaven and laid waste to the angels that kept screwing things up. He then waited patiently and when Jesse was finally rid of Genesis and God felt safe enough to return, he faced the Saint of Killers and his gun and took the bullet to the head that finally ensured the Saint could rest once and for all.

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