Preacher: 10 Storylines That Weren’t Resolved In Season 3

It’s the beginning of the end for Preacher, which will start its fourth and final season on August 4, 2019. As of this writing, AMC’s irreverent and oftentimes blasphemous comedy based on the comics created by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillion is just 10 episodes away from showing how the road ends for Jesse Custer, Tulip, and Cassidy.

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While the series’ closing moments will focus on the Biblical apocalypse and whether or not it will succeed, it also carries over some hanging plot threads left over from the previous season. From Cassidy’s fate to whatever the Dog Man is really up to, there are some arcs that we can’t wait to see wrap up. Here are 10 storylines from Preacher season three that we hope will be resolved over the course of the show’s last 10 chapters.

10 God’s Test

In the world of Preacher, God claims to be a loving Creator but his actions speak otherwise. More akin to an abusive father than a caring one, God promises that the worse is yet to come after he tells Tulip about his test for all of Creation.

What exactly this test entails has yet to be cleared up; however, given how eager God is to get things started, it can’t be good for humanity. God oftentimes “tested” his most faithful believers in the Bible by putting them through hellish circumstances, and the same could be expected in Preacher’s finale.

9 The Son(s) Of God

Thanks to The Grail’s actions, Jesus’ bloodline has been kept alive for millennia but there’s a catch: The current Messiah is an inbred child with a limited mental capacity. Though he and his clones don’t mean any harm, Humperdoo doesn’t exactly inspire devotion from even the most religious of people.

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Despite being freed by Jesse, Humperdoo is seen in Hitler’s presence in the trailer for the show’s final season. This may be hinting at his surprisingly pivotal role for the coming Biblical apocalypse or it could be one of the show’s many irreverent gags.

8 The Grail’s Mission

The Grail is a generations-old global conspiracy that has been steering history to the apocalypse foretold in the Book of Revelations. But thanks to Jesse’s interference and Herr Starr’s crucial errors, their plans have been thrown asunder.

Following numerous losses and the death of Allfather D’Aronique, The Grail is left in tatters but is still capable of attacking Jesse’s personal life. They capture Cassidy under Starr’s orders but it’s unknown if their original goal remains the same, especially since their new leader has seemingly abandoned it in favor of his personal vendetta.

7 Hitler’s Reign

After The Saint of Killers shoots Satan in the head, Hell quickly recovered when a former inmate of the sinners’ afterlife takes the deceased devil’s throne. The new ruler in question is Adolf Hitler, the former dictator of Nazi Germany and Eugene’s (aka Arseface) prison buddy.

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Now that Hitler controls the legions of Hell, it could only be inferred that he’ll use his newfound army to make his Fourth Reich a reality. He’s seen joining forces with Starr in the trailers, pointing to the possibility of his involvement in the apocalypse.

6 Starr’s Pursuit Of Vengeance

While The Grail may be dead-set on triggering a nuclear Armageddon, Starr has other plans. After being humiliated and outsmarted one too many times by Jesse, Starr dedicates all of his energy to making the preacher suffer.

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Starr starts this plan by having his men capture Cassidy and sticking him in a torture chamber in The Grail’s headquarters in Masada. How far Starr is willing to go to turn Jesse’s life into a living hell will be shown in the last 10 episodes, and it’s not going to be a pretty sight.

5 The Saint & Arseface Return

Though they’re an unlikely duo, The Saint of Killers and Eugene share the common goal of hitting Jesse where it hurts. Through his actions, the two were sent to Hell to be punished for some time, understandably enraging them.

While it could be argued that The Saint earned some comeuppance for all the killing he’s done, Eugene didn’t deserve damnation and was accidentally sent to Hell thanks to Jesse’s self-righteous anger. Now free from Hell’s clutches, the two are on a warpath with the preacher in their sights. Where their road ends will finally be seen in Preacher’s final season.

4 Jesse The Messiah

Through Genesis, Jesse turns into God and commands most of creation to do his bidding. His ability to harness The Word without exploding has made him a likely candidate to become The Messiah – an agenda even he bought more than once.

Believing he could better the world with his powers, Jesse is often misled by shady forces and causes more harm than good with The Word. It’s only when those closest to him are endangered does he abandon his arrogant god complex, and the closing season will finally show if he really learned from past mistakes or not.

3 Cassidy’s Friendship

The last time Cassidy saw Jesse and Tulip wasn’t exactly the best of circumstances. Not only does Tulip reject his romantic feelings but Jesse – his best friend – stabs him in the heart with a stake. A ruse, but it still hurt.

For most of the third season, Cassidy struggles to figure out what he really wants in life by hanging out with some vampires in New Orleans. This ends poorly, with Starr’s forces killing the vampires and capturing Cassidy. Jesse and Tulip may be off to save him from The Grail, but that doesn’t guarantee Cassidy is in a forgiving mood.

2 Jesse & Tulip's Relationship

After surviving their own trials and tribulations, Jesse and Tulip finally reunite during the third season’s conclusion, only to find out that The Grail has Cassidy. While their romance may be rekindled, their future is currently uncertain.

Unlike the comics, Jesse and Tulip’s relationship is more uncertain, with issues stemming from their days as career criminals. There were times Jesse lost his temper around Tulip, which negatively affected her already low self-esteem that came about after years of personal hardships. Their toughest challenges may not come from God, but from each other.

1 Reuniting The Trio

With Cassidy imprisoned and the end of the world looming upon them, the original Preacher trio is now in their darkest hour. Some hope still abounds, with Jesse and Tulip reuniting and embarking on a rescue mission to save Cassidy.

Once the three get back together, they may be able to finally accomplish their original mission of making God answer for his crimes against Creation. But more importantly, their reunion could allow them to bury some hatchets and be the best friends they were meant to be – even if that means going their separate ways by series’ end.

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