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Warning: SPOILERS ahead for Preacher Season 1


Most of the superhero TV shows have wrapped up for the summer by now, with the CW's Arrowverse, Fox's Gotham and Legion, and Agents of SHIELD all done till the fall season starts up. But for those who like their comic book shows with a little less heroic action and a little more gore, there's one summer show that we're very glad to see back again: Preacher.

This small-screen adaptation of the cult comic book is about to start its second season, and things are getting more than a little bit crazy for Jesse (Dominic Cooper), Tulip (Ruth Negga) and Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun). They're leaving the ruin of Annville with Genesis onboard (inside Jesse), and the trailer for the second season is enough to get anyone excited for the next installment of this trio's adventures. New fans have a little catching up to do before jumping on board for the season 2 roadtrip, though - so we've got everything you need to know before watching the new Preacher this summer.

Season One Basics

Preacher - Bunny in a Bear Trap Clip

The first season of Preacher introduces the audience to Jesse Custer, an alcoholic and disillusioned Preacher in a small town. There, he meets Cassidy, an Irish vampire with an even bigger drinking problem and some mysterious 'people' after him, who takes refuge in the church. Rounding out their little circle is Tulip, Jesse's ass-kicking ex who has some plans of her own when she gets back to town. Early on in the season, Jesse becomes connected to a mysterious force that gives him the power to command others - Genesis. Two angels come to town searching for it, and reveal to Jesse that Genesis is the offspring of an angel and a demon, and potentially the most powerful force in the universe. When it refuses to leave Jesse, and he refuses to die, the angels call on the 'Cowboy' (Graham McTavish), a supernatural being who cannot be killed, to take it from him.

The first season takes place entirely in Annville, the town where Jesse preaches and where he deals with all kinds of secret sinners in the community. The problems within this town aren't going to matter for season 2, however, as the first season ended with its total destruction, leaving only a few survivors to carry on the tale of the Preacher and his power.

Changing The Cult Comic

Tulip and Jesse from Preacher comic

The first season of the show was very different to the first volume of the comics - and it slowed things down quite a bit. The original series began with Annville's destruction, whereas the series stuck around in this one-horse Texas town for a full ten episodes. The idea behind this change was to give fans a better opportunity to get to know the core characters, and to see the titular Preacher actually, well, preaching! The show also makes some major changes to the character of Tulip - taking a somewhat two-dimensional blonde bimbo in love with Jesse and turning her into a complex, kick-ass woman (who is still in love with Jesse). This slowed-down first season gave everyone a chance to really get to know this version of the characters, and to fall in love with a trio who are not necessarily the most sympathetic at first glance, while still introducing Genesis and the other major players.

In addition, season one mixed in a few storylines from later in the comics, with Odin Quincannon (Jackie Earle Haley) and his disturbing obsession with meat, and Arseface's (Ian Colletti) miserable history. This shows that the series isn't afraid to make some significant changes to the comics, but it makes those changes well - and leaves fans of the original wondering what could happen next.

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