• Preacher season 4 will premiere on AMC on August 4th, co-creator Seth Rogen revealed. 1 / 9

    Preacher TV Show Poster
  • The fourth season will be the final go-around for the series, Rogen also confirmed. 2 / 9

    Ruth Negga And Dominic Cooper In Preacher
  • Preacher was AMC's second big comic book adaptation following the success of The Walking Dead. 3 / 9

    Dominic Cooper As Jesse Custer In Preacher
  • The show revolves around a disillusioned man of the cloth, played by Dominic Cooper, who literally goes looking for God. 4 / 9

    Dominic Cooper As Jesse Custer In Preacher
  • Preacher's crew includes his ex-girlfriend Tulip, played by Oscar nominee Ruth Negga. 5 / 9

    Ruth Negga As Tulip O'Hare In Preacher
  • Joseph Gilgun plays Preacher's unlikely friend, the undead vampire Cassidy. 6 / 9

    Joseph Gilgun As Cassidy In Preacher
  • The show also includes comic book character Arseface, played by Ian Colletti with some truly inspired facial prosthetics. 7 / 9

    Ian Colletti As Eugene Root In Preacher
  • Various villains have appeared on the show over its three seasons, including the indestructible Saint of Killers. 8 / 9

    Graham McTavish As The Saint Of Killers In Preacher
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