Preacher Season 3 Trailer: Jesse's Back Home And At War With Everyone

The season 3 trailer for AMC’s Preacher finds Jesse and co. in the company of the L’Angelles and on a collision course with Herr Starr and the rest of the Grail. This is the first look at footage from the new season, which comes on the heels of a teaser trailer that was more a collection of all the characters the show has amassed. The trailer also offers a cursory glimpse at what the story will consist of, and, in addition to Jesse’s fitful search for the absent God, it will see him, Tulip and Cassidy preparing for war with the religious organization that tried to recruit him and make use of the power of Genesis in season 2.

And, as has long been known, Jesse will do this with the help of, or perhaps in spite of, his extended family, the L’Angelles. The L’Angelle clan has been hinted at throughout the series so far, and from those hints its easy to see why Jesse might be reluctant to take up with them again. Unfortunately for him, extenuating circumstances mean the family will be together once again, if only because Gran’ma (Betty Buckley) is the only person Jesse knows who can bring the dead back to life. As is usually the case, there’s a price to pay for such things, and for Jesse that means an extended stay in Angelville. 

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As far as trailers go, this one isn’t playing things close to the vest. It’s not long before the preview confirms that Tulip has indeed died and been brought back to life. Naturally, certain people find this curious and want to know what’s waiting for them on the other side. In Tulip’s case, it’s Jody (Jeremy Childs), who takes an inquisitive approach to the recent experiences of his new acquaintance. Tulip, unsurprisingly, doesn’t reveal much about what she’s thinking or feeling, aside from general annoyance that people keep asking her about what it’s like being dead. 

Dominic Cooper and Pip Torrens in Preacher Season 2

In typical Preacher fashion, the trailer blends over-the-top violence with humor, illustrating how, even though the show’s undergone another change in setting — from Annville to New Orleans to now Angelville — the irreverent tone is still along for the ride. The new setting and new characters, which, aside from Gran’ma and Jody, includes Colin Cunningham as TC and Jonny Coyne as Allfather D’Aronique, will makes for a nice change of pace and hopefully more story to tell, as the trio’s time in the Big Easy struggled to occupy 13 episodes last season. 

We’re still a few weeks away from the season premiere at this point, but so far Preacher season 3 looks like it'll be a return to form for the darkly comic series. 

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Preacher season 3 premieres Sunday, June 24 @9pm on AMC.

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