Exclusive Preacher Season 3 Trailer Gets Jesse And His Gang Back Together

A new promo for Preacher season 3 isn’t shy about what happens to Tulip when the season begins. It’s really not much of a spoiler at this point that Ruth Negga’s character, Tulip O’Hare was going to come back from her death at the end of last season, as previous trailers have shown her making a return to action. This new promo, though, aptly titled, ‘She is Risen,’ takes things a step further and actually shows the moment when, well, she rises.

Season 3 is a homecoming of sorts for Jesse Custer (Dominic Cooper), who, in order to save Tulip is forced to return to Angelville, and the company of Marie L’Angelle (Betty Buckley), otherwise known as Gran’ma. While he’s there, he’ll also reacquaint himself with T.C. (Colin Cunningham), and Jody (Jeremy Childs) who will serve as both adversaries and allies in the episodes to come. It’s also a sure thing that Preacher showrunner Sam Catlin is also going to introduce Allfather D’Aronique (Jonny Coyne),which will guarantee that Jesse’s time in Angelville also makes room for the great Pip Torrens as Herr Starr and his white-suited flunkies, Lara (Julie Ann Emery) and Hoover (Malcolm Barrett). 

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Though Tulip’s resurrection is the highlight of the promo, it’s clear there’s a great deal more going on between Jesse and his once inseparable crew. In addition to one of them lying lifeless (temporarily) in a strange house, the fallout between the preacher and his vampiric friend, Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun,) is still going strong. The former friendship has been on the outs since late last season, when Jesse’s quest to find God had them all stuck in a New Orleans apartment with Cassidy’s aged son. The results weren’t pretty but the shakeup of the show’s status quo promises to introduce some interesting encounters, like the knock-down, drag-out brawl between former best friends. 

Dominic Cooper in Preacher Season 3

From the look of it, Preacher season 3 aims to upset the status quo all around and to introduce enough new characters and character dynamics to give the series the equivalent of a narrative B12 shot. The L’Angelle’s not only represent some welcome new blood to the series’ crazy cast of characters, they will offer new, antagonistic interactions, more insight into Jesse’s backstory, and, presumably, a chance to help keep the show’s narrative momentum going strong all season long. 

Season 2 became mired somewhat in Jesse’s circuitous search for God. Now that the wayward preacher and his friends have identified the absent deity, they can go about the task of finding out why he absconded from his duties and, hopefully, get the story moving along at a more propulsive clip. 

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Preacher season 3 premieres Sunday, June 24 @9pm on AMC.

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