Preacher Season 3 Is Likely To Happen

Joseph Gilgun Dominic Cooper and Ruth Negga in Preacher Season 2 Episode 7

It looks like AMC's latest comic book adaptation is going to be returning for a third season, with more filming set to take place in New Orleans. Preacher is currently wrapping up its second season, which has been thrilling fans with storylines that are much closer to those of the original comics. This is a big change from the first season of the show, which acted as more of a prequel to the comics that inspired it, taking place primarily in the fictional town of Annville, Texas. By the season 1 finale, though, the golden trio of the series hit the road, and season 2 brought them to the Big Easy.

Although the first two seasons have gathered a core fanbase, they haven't done quite as well as AMC may have hoped, and fans were starting to wonder if they would be lucky enough to get a third season of this blasphemous roller coaster of a series. The network has not yet officially announced the return of Jesse (Dominic Cooper), Tulip (Ruth Negga) and Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun), but they have filed some paperwork that looks very promising for Preacher season 3.

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Back in July, the The Times-Picayune reported that AMC had filed paperwork to continue filming in the city of New Orleans for a third season. Filed with the Louisiana Film Office, this paperwork includes a planned start date of Jan 5, 2018 (with pre-production beginning this November), and a budget of $70 million, with $50 million to be spent in Louisiana.

Julie Ann Emery in Preacher Season 2 Episode 3

This will be the second season that Preacher has filmed in Louisiana, with the first season of the show filmed in New Mexico (although set in Texas), and the second in New Orleans. It also looks like the budget is rising slightly, from $67 mil to $70 mil, which is a good sign for fans of the series. If AMC gets the permits, this filming schedule also keeps the series on track for another summer premiere, which is also a good sign for the show, suggesting that AMC knows that it has a devoted fan base.

A third season will likely involve a lot more of Jesse's backstory and his villainous grandmother in the Louisiana swamps. Fans of the comics have been waiting to see how this would be brought to life on the small screen since the first scenes of Jesse's Dad being shot were shown in season 1.

Of course, this is not official confirmation that there will be a third season, just that AMC is getting all the permits in order to film one should they decide to. It's still possible that the network could decide to cancel the series if the season 2 ratings are not high enough to warrant a third outing, but it seems like Preacher season 3 is the more likely scenario... although fans may not want to celebrate until this is followed by that official renewal announcement.

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Preacher continues next Monday with ‘On Your Knees’ @9pm on AMC

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