Preacher Season 3 Will Alter The Dynamic Between Jesse and Tulip

Preacher executive producers Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg discuss the change headed to Jesse and Tulip’s relationship in season 3.

Dominic Cooper and Ruth Negga in Preacher Season 3

That’s not to say Tulip is pulling a Beric Dondarrion in season 3, but there will be some changes when she gets on her feet again. One of the biggest changes, according to Rogen, will be the way in which the series affords her character more control over her actions (that goes for other characters, too). The show’s goal in season 3, then, is to flip the script a little and put Jesse in a position of needing help from Tulip. 

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Rogen said as much during a recent conference call with several entertainment journalists, regarding Preacher’s new season. He and co-executive producer Evan Goldberg spoke at length about the new season and what fans could expect as far as the shift in one of the show’s core dynamics. Rogen said:

“The comics just have a lot of Jesse saving Tulip. And a lot of Jesse telling Tulip to not do stuff because it's too dangerous and that he's gonna do it. It just felt like something to be improved on… that allowed us to give each character more opportunities to be active and to be heroic and make decisions. That was really what we were trying -- I think most of the changes come from that type of thinking. It's not like how to we make the show better -- or how do we make the comic book better? It's mostly just how do we give these characters more agency? How do we give them more control over their actions? And I think, this season especially, like with Tulip and Jesse you know, he's the one who's kind of stuck this time. And so giving [Tulip] more opportunity to try and get him out of a situation… but they're really working together as opposed to one, you know, again, one being helpless and one saving the other.”

A change in the dynamic was certainly in the cards. After all, Preacher season 2 ended with the main trio — Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun) — on the outs before things went south and the group ended up in Angelville. What Rogen describes sounds as though it will not only change the status quo, but also lead to a more interesting arc for Tulip O’Hare in season 3. 

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Preacher season 3 premieres Sunday, June 24 @9pm on AMC.

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