Preacher season finale - Cassidy

The Grail Catches Up to Cassidy

Between being dismembered and discovering that his new boyfriend is actually a double-crossing serial killer, Cassidy has had a pretty rough time in season 3 - and in the season finale he barely manages to get out of the frying pan before finding himself in the fire again. He does, at least, get one moment of victory, thanks to some clever scheming. After convincing Eccarius that he has had a change of heart and is willing to get on board with the practice of turning and then murdering Les Enfants du Sang, Jesse plies Eccarius with a particularly strong drink, and they decide to have a blood ritual to celebrate. Mrs. Rosen volunteers to be turned, but as Eccarius goes to bite her, he realizes that she already has bite marks on her neck.

Yes, even while crucified Cassidy can still be crafty. In the previous episode, he suggested that Mrs. Rosen call the members who had "taken flight" and check up on them - knowing that she wouldn't get an answer from any of them. Realizing Eccarius' betrayal, Mrs. Rosen let Cassidy turn her, and she then turned the rest of Les Enfants du Sang. They reveal themselves and attack Eccarius en masse, staking him to a table and tearing him to pieces.

Without their dear leader, the newly-made vampires have a bright future ahead of them. Too bright, unfortunately. Hoover makes a surprise return and offers Cassidy an umbrella as thanks for the one that Cassidy gave to him when he saved his life. Hoover then instructs Cassidy to open the umbrella, which he does just in time, as the house above them is ripped away, exposing Les Enfants du Sang to the sunlight. They are (almost) all burned to a crisp, and Hoover reveals that he is working with The Grail again - just as Cassidy gets hit with a powerful tranquilizer.

He is spirited away to Masada, a fortress in Israel, where he is chained up at the bottom of a pit. He's not alone, however; in his last scene, Cassidy hears the beating of wings above him and looks up to see an angel, who seems to be similarly chained.

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Jesse Kills Gran'ma (With a Catch)

Preacher season 3 Jesse

Jesse arrives back at Angelville, but before he can deal with his dear Gran'ma, he first has to go through T.C. and Jody. The former is quickly subdued with Genesis (Jesse makes him literally shoot himself in the foot for good measure), but when it comes to taking out Jody, Jesse decides a more personal touch is needed. The two head down to the Tombs for a good old-fashioned brawl, and while there are bruises handed out on both sides, Jesse ultimately emerges the victor: smashing Jody's skull repeatedly against the wall until he stops fighting back. Jesse orders T.C. to douse the Tombs in gasoline, and then tells him to make his getaway - but T.C. declines, saying he doesn't want to leave Angelville. Jesse burns the tombs down, killing T.C. in the process.

Those obstacles out of the way, Jesse finally goes to confront Gran'ma. He uses to Genesis to order her to release both him and Tulip, thereby clearing the path for him to finally kill the wicked Marie L'Angell... or so he thinks. While Jesse was off getting his soul back, Marie was making a deal with the devil so that if Jesse kills her, his soul will be condemned to Hell when he dies. She tells Jesse that he has got what he came to Angelville for, since Tulip is alive and he is now free, but to Jesse it feels like a hollow victory. With vindictive pleasure, he orders his grandmother to destroy all the souls that were stolen from The Grail, thereby ridding her of a hundred more years of unnaturally extended life.

Jesse walks away, leaving his grandmother in misery, but as he prepares to drive away he realizes that his victory still doesn't feel like one. He goes back and forcibly straps Marie into her own soul-draining apparatus, which painfully sucks the life out of her - thereby condemning Jesse to Hell. Still, for Jesse it is worth it to finally be freed from Angelville's poisonous influence, and he leaves with a smile.

Herr Starr Starts Playing Checkers

Preacher season 3 finale Herr Starr

After three seasons of being outmanoeuvred by Jesse Custer, Herr Starr has officially had enough. After taking off poor Hoover's umbrella-hat and leaving him to burn in the sun, Starr reveals that he is no longer interested in convincing Jesse to be the Messiah. Instead, his intention is to capture Jesse and inflict unimaginable torture upon him and then finally kill him once and for all. As for the rest of the world - things aren't looking good. The final shot of the season pulls out to reveal that The Grail has turned Masada into their headquarters for a holy war, complete with troops and jet planes. Whatever Herr Starr has planned, it may make Jesse nostalgic for the days before her exploded the Allfather.

Season finale body count:

  • Marie L'Angell
  • Jody
  • T.C.
  • Eccarius
  • Satan
  • Hoover
  • The Nazis
  • Les Enfants du Sang (except for Kevin and Mrs. Rosen)

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