Preacher Season 3 Finale Recap: Bye-Bye, Angelville

Preacher season 3 finale - Jesse fights Jody

Another season of rude, lewd, and terribly blasphemous Preacher has come to an end, and the season 4 finale saw Jesse Custer finally say farewell to his dear Gran'ma and Angelville, after spending most of the season stripped of his power and bound to Marie L'Angell's will by the hold she had over Tulip. At the start of season 3, Jesse made a deal with Gran'ma to bring Tulip back to life, and she secretly bound her own life force to Tulip's to ensure that not only could she rule Jesse with an iron fist, but that there was no way he could kill her without also losing the love of his life (again).

The game changed in last week's penultimate episode, "I'd Rather Be Sad," when Jesse killed the Allfather, took back his soul and restored his ability to use Genesis. After unleashing a horde of Humperdoos upon an unsuspecting world, Jesse headed back to Angelville - determined to kill his grandmother, free himself and Tulip, and take revenge for the deaths of his mother and father. Unfortunately for Jesse, Gran'ma was making a few plans of her own.

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Meanwhile, Cassidy's brief tryst with fellow vampire Eccarius got complicated when he discovered that the freshly-turned Enfants du Sang weren't being sent off to do vampire missionary work, but were actually being drained of their blood and then left to burn. This discovery landed Cassidy up on a cross with the impending threat of being burned to death himself. Tulip was similarly headed for a fiery fate, being dragged to hell by the Saint of Killers and the Angel of Death along with Eugene and Hitler but that fate was interrupted when Hitler's new Nazis showed up and knocked the bus over. It was a tense situation all round, and here's how things were (or weren't) resolved in Preacher's season 3 finale.

Preacher season finale - Hitler

"Hilter" Gets a New Job in Hell, Eugene Gets Out

Having successfully recruited a small army of Nazis in his spare time while working at the sandwich shop. Hitler very nearly escapes being dragged back to Hell. Standing in his way, however, is Eugene, who is horrified that he helped one of history's greatest monsters escape, and scraps with Hitler in the bus as a different kind of hell breaks loose outside. Eventually he succeeds in knocking Hitler out, but the time spent grappling with the former dictator eats away any chance that Eugene might have had of escape.

Hitler's new Nazis might have a lot of enthusiasm and a tank, but they're no match for the Saint of Killers and the Angel of Death, who methodically tear them to pieces with gunfire and whip-lashing. In the aftermath, the Angel of Death makes the mistake of taunting the Saint of Killers about his daughter's death, asking if he thinks the crows pecked out her eyes before or after death. The Saint gets squished by the Nazi tank, but succeeds in blowing it up to free himself, and exacts revenge on the Angel of Death by plucking out her eyes.

When they get back down to Hell, Satan returns the Saint's weapons to him, and the Saint confronts the devil about his daughter's death, asking if the crows were his idea. The Saint says that that part was actually God's idea, but the Saint shoots him in the head anyway, killing the devil himself, and leaves Hell with Eugene - who is angry to learn that Jesse is still alive, and left him down in Hell. Hitler stays behind and claims Satan's throne, becoming the new King of Hell. That's probably not good.

Tulip Sees God

Preacher season finale Tulip and God

When the Nazi tank fires a missile at the group, God appears just in time (still in his latex dalmation costume) and freezes everything except for himself and Tulip, telling her that he is a "merciful God." The two of them leave the chaos behind, and God tells Tulip that he has decided to lift the curse of the O'Hares... though he has a favor to ask of her. Tulip must convince Jesse to give up his mission to track God down and hold him to account. Tulip, ever the contrarian, refuses to become God's errand-girl, but the Almighty has another trick up his sleeve.

God tells Tulip that Cassidy is in mortal danger. Tulip tries dismissing the warning at first, arguing that God is just trying to throw a distraction into her and Jesse's path. Unfortunately, Cassidy really is in mortal danger.

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