Preacher Season 2 Video Promises Violence, Comedy, Drama & Absurdity

A new Preacher featurette has been released, teasing fans with a look at a second season even bigger and crazier than the first. The show that's based on the comic book series of the same name, changed a lot for season 1 - from some major characters (Ruth Negga's Tulip is a lot more complex than the original), to the introduction of some minor ones. It also took place as something of a prequel to the comic series, as Tulip, Jesse (Dominic Cooper) and Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun) spent the season in Annville - before finally hitting the road in the finale.

Now, season 2 is about to hit, and it seems that fans of the original comics are going to have a lot more to look forward to. The official Preacher season 2 trailer has already given viewers a look at some of what they can expect - including the Saint of Killers (Graham McTavish) here on Earth and at least one major shoot out. Now, a new featurette reveals just a little bit more about this bigger, wilder second season.

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The featurette is titled "Preacher Season 2: 'A Look Ahead'," and clocks in at just under three and a half minutes long. The video includes a lot of the footage that was already shown in the trailer, as well as a few new shots - including one of a man with his arm torn off trying to use a vending machine. Comments from the cast and creators are included as well, promising all kinds of interesting things to come. Executive producer Sam Catlin said:

Violence, and comedy, and drama, and absurdity. It's a pretty unique stew. Hopefully, people will recognize all the elements of what makes Preacher Preacher in that first 10 minutes. It's just bigger.

This new featurette should continue to pique interest in the second season - although it doesn't tell fans anything that they didn't already know from the trailer. There are a few new clips included in the featurette, of course, but they don't include any big reveals or spoilers, and again, the Saint of Killers takes center stage for many of them. It's definitely going to make comic fans happy to see something much more like the books that inspired the show, and to see things really start to speed up in Jesse's search for God.

Hopefully, this will also help the show pull in some more viewers for season 2 since the first season didn't do as well as AMC might have hoped for a show based on such a cult comic. Despite somewhat lackluster ratings, however, the show was lauded by critics, which undoubtedly helped to secure its renewal. Now, with a bigger, badder, funnier, and more absurd season promised, fans can hope that that's enough to really catch people's attention.

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Preacher season 2 premieres June 25 on AMC at 10 pm EST.

Source: AMC

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