Preacher Season 2 Images: Jesse, Tulip & Cassidy Hit the Road

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Preacher finally hits the road in these new images from its upcoming second season. The AMC hit series was the long-awaited live-action adaptation of the Garth Ennis comic of the same name, one that many fans had thought might never see the light of day. And while the series was met with some mixed reactions from fans - mostly due to how drastically it sometimes strayed from the source material - Preacher wound up being enough of a hit amongst critics and viewers that AMC renewed it for a second season. And so, audiences are only a few weeks away from getting to return to the violent, absurdly funny world of Preacher.

If there was one thing that fans agreed on about the series, though, it was the performance of its lead actors, with particular praise being given to Ruth Negga and Joseph Gilgun for their performances as Tulip and Cassidy, respectively. It's no surprise then, that Preacher's promotion for its upcoming second season has been primarily focused on the lovable trio. That pattern doesn't end with this new batches of images from the second season either.

While remaining vague about the situations and locations glimpsed in them, AMC has officially released several new images from Preacher, all of which offer some brief tastes of what Jesse Custer is getting up to with his volatile true love and over century-old vampire best friend. Take a look at the images for yourself down below.

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Part of the main criticism that fans had about Preacher's first season were in regards to how long it stayed in one location, rather than embracing the road trip structure of the comics. Luckily, that's going to be ending soon, with the prequel-esque first year now over and the main trio heading out on the road finally to find God, who according to the angels has gone completely AWOL from Heaven.

While the brief synopsis for the new season teases that the trio will spend a fair amount of time in Louisiana as well, fans can still get excited to see Jesse and co. finally leaving his Texan home for the road. And like everything else about Preacher, these images are dripping with the graphic novelesque atmosphere and mood that made its first season such a unique viewing experience at the time. Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy leaving Texas will no doubt put the three in even more danger also, as they face off against local gangsters, dangerous secret agents, and the beloved Saint of Killers, who's presence in the new season had been heavily teased in the first.

Preacher season 2 premieres Sunday, June 25 @10pm on AMC.

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