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For Preacher, the journey from page to screen was long and winding and ended with AMC. After years of false starts and attempts by various directors and writers, it inexplicably fell to the comedic team of Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg (Sausage Party) to guide the cult hit Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon comic book series to a mass audience. Last summer, the waiting and effort finally played off as the first of what might be many seasons of the series, hit television screens.

It wasn’t a move that pleased many fans and purists out there. Despite some fantastic casting, including Dominic Cooper (Agent Carter) as Jesse, Ruth Negga (Loving) as Tulip, and Joseph Gilgun (The Infiltrator) as Cassidy, many fans were turned off by the changes made to the story as Preacher began to unfold. In the comics, for instance, the events of Annville take place in a single issue, and Odin Quincannon, played brilliantly by Jackie Earle Haley (Watchmen) doesn’t appear until much later. Throughout it all, however, Rogen and Goldberg maintained that the coming seasons would give us more of what we wanted from a Preacher adaptation. Whether you believe that or not, the road to the future for the series has officially been opened.

Cooper announced the production start for the second season of the AMC series on Twitter today, posting a hilariously disgusting image, fully in keeping with the tone of the series, from the set. While the tweet and accompanying picture do little to tell us what to expect as the second season begins, the run up to new Preacher episodes has officially begun and with it, a chance for redemption.


Season 2 begins

— Dominic cooper (@dominiccoop) January 31, 2017


Hardcore fans were largely put off by the sheer amount of changes made as Preacher was brought to life. For readers of the comics, the stationary storyline was the antithesis of what made the books so intriguing in the first place. There, the characters travel the world as they become further embroiled in a centuries-old conspiracy that threatens the freedom of humanity. It was, then, a bit odd to sit in the same small town for an entire season as vaguely familiar events unfolded in new ways, and new scenarios were introduced outside of the comics’ storyline.

Perhaps the most glaring change, aside from remaining in Annville much longer than they do in the comics, was the fate of Ian Colletti’s (Windsor) Arseface. In the comics, the character becomes an unlikely rock and roll sensation after seeking vengeance against Jesse for killing his father. Here, Jesse accidentally sends him to Hell after losing patience with the boy and his questions.

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Still, the world of comics and the world of television are two entirely different beasts. What works in one medium won’t necessarily work in the other, and changes should be expected and embraced as the adaptation moves along. Even with all of the changes, it must be said that the series did remain true to the spirit of the source material so, while Preacher might have to do some work to win back some of the more vocally disapproving fans, a few promises for season two should be intriguing enough to draw their attentions back.

For one, the end of the first season left us with the beginning of the fateful road trip, where all Preacher fans know the real story begins to unfold. Secondly, the villainous Herr Starr has already been confirmed for the upcoming season, which hopefully means the introduction of some key plot points and a deepening of the mystery surrounding Genesis.

What else might we finally see as season two begins to unfold? Might we finally meet the “mean old lady” Jesse referenced in passing last season? How deep into Starr and his organization, The Grail, are we going to go? As off-putting as a lot of the changes might’ve been, the first season showed some real potential for the future and, thankfully, that future is a little bit closer today. We’ll keep you posted on any news from the world of Preacher as it develops.

Preacher season 2 premieres sometime at 2017.

Source: Dominic Cooper

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