Preacher Renewed For Season 4 At AMC

Dominic Cooper in Preacher AMC

AMC isn’t done with the search for God, apparently, as the cable network has announced that Preacher has been renewed for season 4, with a slight change in location for the upcoming production. The series has been making its way through its source material, with season 3 having spent much of its time exploring the past of main character Jesse Custer (Dominic Cooper), with his two friends, Tulip (Ruth Negga) and Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun) in tow. 

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So, given that and the fact that the series is produced by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg (who seem to announce they’re involved with a new television series on a weekly basis), and the fact that the series is getting closer to the source material’s actual ending, it’s perhaps no surprise that the network would renew Preacher for a fourth season. As was reported by TVLine, however, season 4 will bring about one major change: the production will move from Louisiana to Australia, though no reasons for the move were not readily available. 

The move may simply be to keep costs on the series down, especially as the story marches toward its conclusion. The land down under is no stranger to film and television productions, and given that Preacher is produced by Sony Pictures Television, it’s a good bet the studio wanted to take advantage of not only certain tax breaks, but also the numerous production facilities. Whether that means there’ll be a noticeable difference in Preacher season 4 from what’s come before remains to be seen, but it will be worth keeping an eye out for. 

As for AMC’s decision to renew the series despite it not being part of the usual television conversation (at least not like Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, or other genre favorites), might have to do with the network’s desire to build up its content library. In that sense, Preacher’s value may be in what it could bring to the network (and its nascent streaming option) in the years to come, rather than what it brings in on a season-by-season basis. With season 4 a sure thing, it will be interesting to see how much closer showrunner Sam Catlin gets to closing out the story of Jess Custer and his search for the Almighty, and if it’ll take a fifth season to do it. 

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Preacher season 3 is expected to air on AMC sometime in 2019. 

Source: TVLine

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