Preacher Comic Book Creator Garth Ennis 'Delighted' By AMC Trailer

Preacher creator Garth Ennis praises AMC trailer

Ever since it was announced that Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg were adapting Garth Ennis' Preacher comic book series to television for AMC, the fan community has been split. Some have been looking forward to the adaptation, while others dread what Rogen and Goldberg might do to beloved characters and plotlines.

The first trailer for Preacher debuted recently, and more fans are now cautiously optimistic after seeing series star Dominic Cooper in action as titular preacher Jesse Custer. Fans aren't the only ones impressed by the trailer; Ennis himself has seen the trailer, and he likes what he's been shown thus far.

Out promoting his new comic series A Train Called Love, Ennis spoke briefly about the series and the trailer that's been released. He told he was "delighted" with the trailer, explaining:

"I like Jesse's grim dialogue taking you through it, and his explosion into violence. And Cassidy's little moment at the end is the icing on the cake. I've seen the pilot, which I think is excellent... the trailer hits just the right note."

Ennis admits that the show isn't following the plot of Preacher exactly, saying "they've added a good deal to the basic plot of Preacher..." This isn't necessarily a sign of trouble, though, as he follows this up with "I've been pleasantly surprised by the results." Ennis also commented that he looks forward to seeing the story unfold week by week as new episodes air.

Dominic Cooper from the Preacher TV Show trailer
Dominic Cooper as Jesse Custer from Preacher

Having Ennis' endorsement is a good sign for the Preacher TV show, especially since so many previous attempts to adapt the material fell apart due to the content before they could become a reality. The first attempts were made using a script that Ennis wrote himself, while later attempts tried to adapt the comics in an overly-faithful manner - despite Ennis saying that it would be fine to stray from them. Though Ennis isn't writing the scripts for the AMC TV show, he and co-creator Steve Dillon are still serving as executive producers of the series.

Of course, some fans may wonder whether Ennis is talking up the Preacher series simply because he's required to. Even he admits that the buzz surrounding the series is driving up Preacher sales, so some might argue that it's in his best interest for it to be a success. Even so, there's a good chance that Ennis is sincere in his excitement, given his history of wanting to see Preacher adapted for the screen.

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Preacher is set to debut on AMC in 2016.


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