Lucy Punch Cast As Deena Pilgrim In FX's 'Powers'

FX's Powers pilot is one small step closer to completion, as British actress Lucy Punch has been cast as female lead Deena Pilgrim, a police officer in a world where superhumans are common and the police must investigate and prosecute errant heroes.

Punch will be playing one of the comic's most important roles, as Pilgrim is arguably the character with the most development across the series' three-volume run. She's a part of the Powers unit, which is called into action when superpowered humans are either murdered or implicated in a homicide case.

The actress has scored a lot of bit roles in smaller films that gained a big following, like Hot Fuzz, Grindhouse and Ella Enchanted. Punch has been featured in a handful of TV shows, most notably CBS' short-lived The Class. Fans of raucous comedy can see her opposite Cameron Diaz in Bad Teacher, opening June 24th.

Powers is based on the comic book of the same name by celebrated writer-artist team Brian Michael Bendis and Michale Avon Oeming. The books are currently published by Marvel, though the story and characters are the property of Bendis, who is serving as a writer for the FX pilot.

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The production still doesn't have an actor for the other lead, former superhero-turned-police detective Christian Walker (my votes for Tom Welling have apparently gone unheeded). The only other major player confirmed at this point is Charles S. Dutton (Gothika, Legion) who'll be the police department's captain. 11-year-old Bailee Madison (Bridge to Terabithia) will play tragic character "Calista".

Though the pilot is going forward, FX has yet to order a full season. Powers is contending for a winter slot on the cable network's schedule, with another pilot project called Outlaw Country vying for the same slot. A decision will probably come in late summer or early fall, after FX executives have had a look at both projects.


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