10 Powerpuff Girls Quotes That Prove Girls Rule

The Powerpuff Girls always does a great job in portraying strong female heroes, and these quotes prove it!

The revival of The Powerpuff Girls a few years back enabled the current generation to experience the same entertainment the previous one had in their younger days. Although the show is generally geared towards girls, it would be incorrect to say that boys don’t watch it either, as all age groups and genders get a kick out of this series.

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What the show did best back in the day, though, was prove that girls do rule, and through the use of three super beings who both beat bad guys and still went to nursery school, we got superb moments galore. In case you forgot or need a reminder, here are 10 best quotes from The Powerpuff Girls to prove just what a great combination sugar, spice, and everything nice is.

10 "I'm gonna be the prettiest girl at the party!" - Bubbles

Nowadays, media will have girls believe they always need to be stern and rather uptight, shunning the feminine qualities they have; however, Bubbles is a great example where one can see how amazing someone can be by accepting their femininity.

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In this episode, Blossom and Buttercup were exasperated with Bubbles wanting to spend extra time brushing her hair so she’d look the prettiest at a party; while they came across as judgmental, we only loved Bubbles more because she was sure in herself by finding delight in prepping herself up. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to look nice, you know.

9 "I'm...sorry!" - Buttercup

Powerpuff Girls fans are well aware of buttercup being the meanest out of the three sisters. While she isn’t outright mean in most of her appearances, she does have a bad side when she’s not feeling the nicest.

This is why it was a big deal when she finally did apologize to someone. For a character like Blossom or Bubbles, an apology isn’t really a big thing as these two know when they’re wrong and aren’t that stubborn. Buttercup, on the other hand, reluctantly apologized in this particular episode, which was a huge development of character. Although it was played for laughs, it showed that you shouldn’t be embarrassed to apologize.

8 "It takes a lot more than a couple of cheap shots to make us cry." - Buttercup

The great thing about having a character like Buttercup in the ‘90s and the early-2000s was that girls had a tough character to follow. Back then, you’d never see a female superhero, and even if you did, they would be very provocative.

This made Buttercup a trailblazer, as she didn’t need to resort to being a girly girl, and could talk tough with the big boys. Despite having the same powers as her sisters, Buttercup’s image was one of strength, and a quote such as this proved she wasn’t one to cry easy.

7 "Being a Powerpuff Girl isn't about getting your way...It's about using your own unique abilities to help people and the world we all live in." - Blossom

The girls’ roles complemented each other perfectly, with Blossom a necessary character in order to make the girls a cohesive unit. This led to Blossom being the voice of reason, not just in-universe, but for the audience watching.

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The character of Princess was meant to represent entitled brats who exploited their gifts in a wrong light, and Blossom spoke here by telling her (and the viewers) that being someone privileged didn’t make them better than anyone else, it was what they did with that power that made them stand out. A good leader is always vital, and Blossom was the only one of the trio with this skill.

6 "I am a good fighter." - Buttercup

This episode showed Buttercup having an unnatural attachment to her blanket, believing this blanket to be the thing that brought her the courage required to be a Powerpuff Girl. Sure, the episode’s point was for one to not be so superstitious and to believe in themselves, but we’re interpreting it in a different way.

In our view, it was great to show Buttercup using the blanket to convince herself that she was a great fighter, as it showed her being vulnerable for once. People can formulate a tough idea of you, one that can feel impossible to live up to; giving Buttercup an object to which she could reveal her insecurities made her human.

5 "Don't you know you can never beat us?" - Blossom

This sounds as if Blossom was being arrogant, but the context of the scene was anything but that. In this scene, Him had the girls beaten by taking over a dark future where the girls had gone missing, leading to our heroes being wracked with grief.

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This was why it was so important to hear Blossom say that Him still couldn’t beat them, as it was the one bright spot in a scenario where everything was its darkest. Deep in her heart, Blossom’s leadership ability had some life in it, so that she could still rally her sisters in a moment where all seemed lost.

4 "There's nothing wrong with talking to yourself." - Bubbles

In-universe, the characters consider Bubbles to be off in her own little Bubbles Land doing her own little Bubbles thing, and being blissfully ignorant of reality. But that’s not completely a bad thing if you think about it. At least Bubbles was enjoying her life, no matter if she was in relative denial.

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If talking to yourself comforts you in any way, then why shouldn’t you have conversations with yourself? It’s even a good way to bolster your confidence if you speak out loud and try to gather your thoughts. While some people might seem kooky, it doesn’t make them stupid.

3 "I guess we shouldn't judge people by what they look like." - Blossom

At its heart, The Powerpuff Girls is still a children’s show, which means it was going to dole out life lessons to its viewers. While the show could have the heroes beat villains all the live long day, fans wouldn’t have learned anything if there wasn’t a moral behind these stories.

In one episode, Blossom had her superhero goggles on once again and started seeing a simple situation as if it were a case, leading her to accuse those she saw as shifty to be bad guys. She learned by the end of the episode not to judge a book by its cover, proving having super powers doesn’t mean instant maturity.

2 "You should do what you want to do." - Bubbles

Talking to Octi, a stuffed Octopus, was therapeutic for Bubbles. It enabled her to share her doubts and feelings with someone, when it was actually Bubbles speaking to herself. She’d still believe that the toy spoke to her, though, and would be known to hand out mature insights to those around her.

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This one was so insightful, that you’d only truly understand the weight behind the words when you grew up. As an adult, you see that what society tells you to do only makes you tired and unhappy; those who do what fulfills them are the ones who live life with a smile on their face and without regrets.

1 "Yeah...but it's a skill you can't do. And you can't do!" - Buttercup

We could tell you that you don’t need to feel special to be special, but inwardly everyone wants to have a skill that is exclusive to them. Blossom had her ice breath, while Bubbles had the gift of talking in different languages and to separate species; this left Buttercup as the odd one out.

She found out something only she could do: curl her tongue. It wasn’t a special skill nor was it a powerful ability, but it made Buttercup feel special in her own way, which is a wonderful lesson to teach children to be happy with the little unique things about them.

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