New PowerPuff Girls Mobile Game Coming In 2019

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A new game based on  The PowerPuff Girls will land on mobile devices in 2019. Based on the hit Cartoon Network series that initially debuted in 1998, The PowerPuff Girls is an animated series about three young girls created by a scientist who is also their father.

The PowerPuff Girls was one of several cartoons that helped Cartoon Network make a name for itself, and it remains a fan favorite from the 1990s, thanks to its humor and unique animation style. In 2016, Cartoon Network rebooted The Power Puff Girls and brought Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup to an entirely new audience. The new series even got a crossover with Teen Titans Go!, another original Cartoon Network show.

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Now, they're getting a new mobile game called The PowerPuff Girls: Monkey Mania. In a press release, game publisher Kongregate, along with developer Juicy Beast, announced the new game and offered a few details about it. As the title suggests, Mojo Jojo is at it again, using one of his gadgets to steal the PowerPuff Girls' powers to create an army of gummy monkeys. In the launcher game, the girls have to fight off the monkeys, as well as other villains that are taking advantage of the chaos to attack Townsville.

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Created in collaboration with Cartoon Network, The PowerPuff Girls: Monkey Mania will feature many of the show's most infamous villains, but also promises "plenty of deep cuts for diehard fans of the show." The title will feature four playable characters, and those characters are likely the original three characters from the show, along with the latest addition to The PowerPuff Girls, Bliss, who was the first black member of the team. The game will also have an upgrade system with dozens of options to further vary the play experience as fans progress through its colorful world.

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Most hardcore cartoon fans would argue that Cartoon Network, which celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2017, hit its peak with its 1990s cartoons, so it's nice to see the network's continued dedication to some of its most beloved characters. The PowerPuff Girls has a special place in the hearts of many as the sugar, spice and everything nice of Cartoon Network, and this game will give fans a chance to interact with their world in a new and fun way when it lands on iOS and Android later this year.

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