The 17 Most Villainous Things The Powerpuff Girls Have Ever Done

The Powerpuff Girls was a popular cartoon that aired on Cartoon Network from November 18th, 1998 through August 25th, 2005. There have been many additional Powerpuff Girls TV movies, animes, and shows, but none of them have been as popular as the original series created by Craig McCracken.

Craig McCracken may have only directed episodes for seasons one through four, but the series ran for a total of six seasons.

McCracken also created Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends and worked on other popular Cartoon Network shows such as Dexter’s Laboratory and Chowder, but The Powerpuff Girls fans make up the majority of his fan base.

The Powerpuff Girls was aimed at kids, but there were plenty of adults who appreciated the show as well. Most of the jokes were kid-friendly, but there were a handful of jokes that were thrown in simply for adult enjoyment.

These jokes may have slipped past the censors accidentally or purposefully, but fans that grew up with the show now have a new reason to re-watch the superhero trio fight crime and bicker with each other.

They may be superhuman crime fighters, but the girls are only in kindergarten. If you know anything about kindergartners, they can be very dramatic little people who constantly fight with each other.

Often times the three girls let their emotions influence the use of their powers resulting in some vile moments in the show.

Here are The 17 Most Villainous Things The Powerpuff Girls Have Ever Done

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17 Buttercup Purposefully Knocked Out People’s Teeth

Losing your teeth as a child could be a painful experience, but at least the Tooth Fairy would come pay you for them! In the episode “Moral Decay” from season three, the girls are given the task of cleaning up their home and in return, the Professor gave them each one Sacagawea dollar coin.

Out of the excitement of her new wealth, Buttercup accidentally knocks out one of Bubbles’ teeth.

Buttercup feels horrible about the incident, but the Professor tells Bubbles about the Tooth Fairy and Bubbles is one dollar richer the next morning.

Realizing the potential for the money-making scheme, Buttercup intentionally tries to knock out more of Bubbles’ teeth.

When the Professor tells her to stop, Buttercup goes around the city and not only fights crime but brutally beats people up so she can collect their teeth.

16 The Sad Moment When Buttercup Destroyed Bubbles’ Chalk

Even superhuman kindergartners are bound to argue and have sharing issues. That is exactly what happened in the episode “All Chalked Up”.

As the episode opens, Bubbles is joyfully drawing with her chalk on the playground and Buttercup is playing dodgeball with Mitch. The ball accidentally smears Bubbles’ pictures which causes a heated argument between the two Powerpuff Girls.

The girls almost get into a physical altercation before Blossom breaks them up but before she can, Buttercup stomps on and breaks Bubbles’ chalk.

Just when we think Bubbles is going to blow up with anger, she bursts into tears and runs away into the forest to cry. This was quite the heartbreaking scene since Bubbles is always the happy go lucky character, but the episode ends on a high note as the Powerpuff Girls have to team together to destroy a couple of chalk monsters.

15 When The Powerpuff Girls Became Discriminatory

In the season three episode “Equal Fights” the Powerpuff Girls are introduced to a villain named Female Fatale who robs banks and justifies her actions through her feminist agenda.

Instead of stealing $100 bills with Benjamin Franklin on them, she steals Susan B. Anthony coins which we later find out she actually knows nothing about.

As the girls are taking her to jail for her crimes, she convinces them to let her go since all girls should stick together and because she was the only female villain in town.

The girls not only let her continue to rob banks, but they also bully the boys at their school and refuse to help the Mayor and the Professor.

The girls soon realize that they were tricked by Female Fatale but they still came off as a couple of sexist kindergartners in the process.

14 Buttercup And Bubbles Make Fun Of Blossom’s Hair

“The Mane Event” opens with a normal morning and the girls waking up. Buttercup and Bubbles wake up with typical messy hair, but when Blossom wakes up, they realize her hair is naturally beautiful.

In short, Blossom could easily pull off an “I woke up like this” post on Instagram.

Bubbles and Buttercup become envious and begin making a racetrack and a doll out of her luscious locks.

While they are getting the knots out of her hair, Buttercup accidentally rips a chunk of hair out of Blossom’s head. Bubbles tried to remedy the situation with a pair of scissors but ends up making matters worse.

The girls are called in to fight crime, but the girls cannot stop laughing at Blossom’s hair and soon enough the entire town starts making fun of her. Blossom gets them back in the end, but it was still a rough episode.

13 The Powerpuff Girls Absolutely Destroy Mojo Jojo

Mojo Jojo is a horrendous villain that usually always gets what he deserves. He often wreaks havoc on the city of Townsville and the Powerpuff Girls usually put him in his place.

In the episode “Candy is Dandy” the Powerpuff Girls hire Mojo to terrorize their city so that the Mayor will reward them with candy. Right off the bat, this seems wrong, but the scenario gets even worse when Mojo steals the jar of candy from the Mayor.

This enrages the Powerpuff Girls and causes them to visit Mojo in prison. Instead of just using their powers to take the candy back they decide to savagely beat Mojo into a bloody pulp.

Like usual, the girls realize what they did was wrong and they apologize to the Mayor. Since they all learned their lesson they feast out on candy while Mojo lays on the floor in critical condition.

12 Buttercup Makes Some Rude Demands From Santa

The Powerpuff Girls may do some despicable things in the TV show, but they also act up in the TV movie called ’Twas the Fight Before Christmas.

Christmas is always depicted as a merry and cheerful time of the year and this is no exception for ’Twas the Fight Before Christmas. The only problem was that Buttercup does not seem to be as thankful as the other Powerpuff Girls.

In a scene early on, the class is working on Christmas lists for Santa but Buttercup simply says “Gimme” at the top of hers.

She would later go on to save Christmas with Bubbles and Blossom from a girl named Princess who desperately wanted to be a Powerpuff Girl. This may be a minor offense, but it shows how shallow and rude the Powerpuff Girls can be at times.

11 Blossom Tells Her Teacher She Needs A Nose Job

Being a Kindergarten teacher means you have a lot of patience and understand when students say things they may not know are rude and offensive. The Powerpuff Girls' teacher named Ms. Keane found that out the hard way in the episode “Imaginary Fiend”.

Ms. Keane was a series regular in The Powerpuff Girls and was voiced by Jennifer Hale. In the episode, Ms. Keane tells the class she has a surprise for them which Blossom responds, “You’re getting a nose job?”.

While Blossom may not have straight up told her teacher she needs a nose job, it is surely implied. The two other girls also have snide comments about her getting fired or married, but Blossom’s nose job comment takes the cake.

This entry may also be a passing moment but it shows how savage the Powerpuff Girls were despite their age.

10 They Unjustifiably Beat Up Rainbow The Clown

The episode “Mime for a Change” opens with Rainbow the Clown doing what he does best; singing and dancing for a group of children for a birthday party.

While dancing in the road, a bleach truck narrowly avoids Rainbow the Clown. Unfortunately, the bleach gushed out of the truck and turned the happy go lucky clown into an angry mime named Mr. Mime.

Mr. Mime contaminates and drains the color out of everything he touches including Blossom and Buttercup. Thankfully Bubbles is able to save the day by singing a song about love which brings the color back to Townsville and Rainbow the Clown.

Rainbow shows his gratitude to the girls for saving him who respond by knocking out his teeth and beating the snot out of him. Rainbow didn’t ask to turn into Mr. Mime, but the Powerpuff Girls treat him more like a villain rather than a victim.

9 The Girls Bully Their Substitute Teacher

Having a substitute teacher can be rough for young kids especially when the normal teacher is as beloved as Ms. Keane. The Powerpuff Girls had to deal with this issue in the episode “Substitute Creature” and let’s just say they didn’t handle it in a great way.

Mr. Green is the substitute teacher while Ms. Keane is away due to an unexpected “illness” and the girls immediately become suspicious because of the way Green looks.

Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles become disruptive in class by almost attacking Mr. Green when he reaches for a piece of chalk and destroying the cookies he brought in because they thought they contained poison. They also accuse Mr. Green of eating Ms. Keane when they hilariously call him Dr. Lector.

After they realize their mistake, the episode ends with Bubbles saying they shouldn’t judge people even if they are as ugly as Mr. Green… nice.

8 The Powerpuff Girls Made A Girl Realize She Was An Accident

Episode seven from the fourth season of The Powerpuff Girls is host to one of those jokes that kids will not pick up on, but adults certainly will.

In the episode “Superfriends” a girl named Robin Snyder moves in next door. The Powerpuff Girls become instant friends with the new little girl and invite her over to their house to meet Professor Utonium.

The girls explain that the Professor is their dad and that he accidentally made them in his laboratory.

This comment caused Robin to sympathize with Professor Utonium and tell him that she was an accident too. The girls may not have meant to make Robin bring up this touchy subject, but it was an awkward moment in the series none the less.

7 They Don’t Save The Rowdyruff Boys From HIM

While the Powerpuff Girls were made from sugar, spice, and everything nice, the Rowdyruff Boys were made with underarm hair, snails, and a puppy tail.

In their first appearance simply titled “The Rowdyruff Boys”, the gang quickly finds itself battling the Powerpuff Girls after Mojo Jojo created them in prison.

They are defeated when the girls give them kisses which give the tough boys cooties and they explode.

They make a comeback in the episode “The Boys are Back in Town” and the girls once again defeat them by insulting their masculinity. HIM comes around at the end of the episode to take the boys away, but the Powerpuff Girls really should have tried to save them.

The boys may have been villains but they are still just young kids like the girls are. After all, anybody deserves to be saved from a demon as frightening as HIM.

6 The Girls Create A Fourth Powerpuff Girl Named Bunny

In the season two episode “Twister Sister” the Powerpuff Girls decide that they need a fourth member in order to keep up with their heavy workload.

The fourth member is made with artificial sweetener instead of sugar, dirt and twigs instead of spices, crayons, books, lizards, and an assortment of other “nice” things.

They name the fourth Powerpuff Girl Bunny and she is not quite what they expected. They receive a sister with a hunchback, messed up teeth, and a speech impediment.

Bunny ends up doing more harm than good but ultimately ends up saving the Powerpuff Girls from the crime she helped start.

Bunny explodes at the end and it is a rather sad ending for a kids show. It’s puzzling why the girls would treat her differently and even more puzzling why Cartoon Network thought this story arc would be a good idea.

5 Mitch Harasses The Class Hamster

While this may not be something the Powerpuff Girls did, it is too awful to not include on this list.

As Friday rolls around, Mitch Mitchelson is chosen to take the class hamster home for the weekend. Bubbles, Buttercup, and Blossom do not trust Mitch so they follow him home and try to stop Mitch from abusing the hamster named Twiggy.

Before the Powerpuff Girls can help, Mitch shoves a can of treats in the hamster's mouth, puts Twiggy on a toy race car and rocket, tries to electrocute her, and eventually flushes her.

Twiggy ends up in the sewer and lands in a bucket of radioactive waste which turns her into a giant man-eating hamster that seeks out revenge for Mitch. Mitch loses the battle but was able to do some sadistic acts to the poor little fuzzball before his downfall occurred.

4 The Girls Defeat The Sandman By Terrifying Him

The episode “Dream Scheme” from season two is a Christmas-like nursery rhyme that pits the Sandman against the Powerpuff Girls.

The Sandman is exhausted from traveling around the world every night to help people fall asleep, so he creates a machine that permanently puts people to sleep.

The girls decide the best course of action is not to help the Sandman see the error of his ways but to terrify him in his dreams so that he will never sleep again.

It sounds more like a A Nightmare On Elm Street sequel than a The Powerpuff Girls episode, but the girls get their way and terrorize the Sandman.

The poor guy just wanted to sleep but the Powerpuff Girls had to do things the hard way and scar the tired old Sandman for life.

3 The Powerpuff Girls Battle Mascumax

In the eyes of parents, this may be the most despicable episode of The Powerpuff Girls ever made. The end of this episode is one giant innuendo that went right over kiddos' heads.

The Powerpuff Girls travel to Mount Neverest in the episode “Members Only” in order to join the Association of World Super Men (AWSM).

They are rejected and when they arrive back home they realize the members of AWSM are being attacked by a giant villain named Mascumax. Even his name is supposed to be an adult joke, but his dialogue proves the point even further.

Saying lines like, “The more manhood you bring against me, the harder I become” make the joke pretty obvious. Mascumax is, of course, brought down, but not until the girls take the form of a cat and rub up against the villain. You get the point here.

2 The Powerpuff Girls Allow Mojo Jojo To Get Assaulted In Prison

In the episode “Cootie Gras” Mojo Jojo gets away with robbing banks and jewelry stores because Mojo has a secret weapon; cooties.

The girls are afraid to battle Mojo because he carries around a boy who the girls think have cooties. This allows Mojo Jojo to get away with a lot of evil schemes that he normally wouldn’t.

After they realize getting kissed by a boy won’t destroy them, they track down Mojo and throw him in a jail cell.

Once he is in jail, the narrator says “Love is in the air. Cant you just smell it?” indicating that Mojo Jojo is going to be assaulted in jail. Mojo Jojo has always been their arch enemy, but letting him get raped in prison seems a little harsh.

1 A Reboot Is Made Without The Original Voice Actors

After 6 seasons and 79 episodes, The Powerpuff Girls went on their final mission in 2005. While the series went on an eleven-year break, the show was rebooted in 2016.

Fans were excited to hear the original voice actresses Tara Strong (Bubbles), Cathy Cavadini (Blossom), and Elizabeth Daily (Buttercup) return to the show, but alas it didn’t happen. Unfortunately, Cartoon Network decided to recast the superhero trio and went about it in the worst way possible.

Instead of approaching Strong, Cavadini, and Daily to tell them the bad news, Cartoon Network let them find out via social media.

The women had no hard feelings against the new actresses Amanda Leighton (Blossom), Natalie Palamides (Buttercup), and Kristen Li (Bubbles), but they were all hurt at the way the network handled it.


Are there any other villainous or odd moments you remember from The Powerpuff Girls? Let us know in the comment section!

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