NBC’s Powerless Name Drops Bruce Wayne in New Promo

Powerless Batman Bruce Wayne

Along with the increasing popularity of comic book superheroes gracing the big screen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the DC Extended Universe, and Fox's X-Men franchise, the Hollywood trend has spilled over to television. The CW's DC Comics TV universe has grown to include four separate series, ABC's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is an extension of the MCU, Fox has two comic-based shows in Gotham and Lucifer, not to mention all the series housed on cable networks and streaming services. However, NBC is looking to break new ground with their upcoming sitcom, Powerless - the first half-hour comedy based on comic book superheroes.

The series takes place in a world populated by DC Comics characters, although it is seemingly unconnected to the world of any other DC-based television series. Following Emily Locke (Vanessa Hudgens) and her coworkers at Wayne Security, a subsidiary of Wayne Enterprises, the series will focus on non-superpowered everymen and women. But, as the title of their company would suggest, the main characters of Powerless have ties to the Dark Knight himself, Bruce Wayne aka Batman. Now, a new promo for NBC's sitcom name drops the famous DC Comics hero's alter-ego.

In the promo, Jackie (Christina Kirk) is giving Emily a tour of Wayne Security since, as the synopsis for Powerless revealed, she will be joining Bruce Wayne's company as the new Director of Research & Development. As seen in the teaser, Emily gushes over working for Bruce Wayne - but Jackie is quick to correct her since they're actually overseen by Bruce's cousin, Van Wayne (Alan Tudyk).

Powerless Batman Bruce Wayne

It was previously revealed that Powerless would include appearances from DC Comics characters Crimson Fox and Jack O'Lantern - both of whom can be seen fighting in the promo - while it was additionally teased that bigger named heroes would be paid lip service, including Wonder Woman. However, that mention was included in the series prior to the Powerless creative shake-up, which saw creator Ben Queen (A to Z) exit as showrunner, and NBC seemingly overhauled the series.

Initially, Powerless was set at an insurance company that dealt with superhero-related claims, but the show has since been moved to Wayne Security with more clear connections to one of DC Comics' most famous heroes - though it's unclear whether the Caped Crusader or his business mogul alter-ego will make an appearance. NBC may be walking a fine line with Powerless, similar to Fox with Gotham, of teasing the inclusion of Batman while having no real intention of ever including the Dark Knight.

That said, Powerless has assembled a talented cast. In addition to Hudgens, Kirk, and Tudyk, the series stars Community's Danny Pudi as Teddy and comedian Ron Funches as Ron. Short teasers for the sitcom have highlighted the series' physical comedy, in addition to the workplace dynamic of an office run by the less well known cousin to Bruce Wayne. All things considered, Powerless could prove to be a successful workplace comedy - and the first sitcom set in a world of superheroes - but viewers will get a chance to see for themselves when Powerless debuts next month.

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Powerless will premiere Thursday, February 2nd @ 8:30pm ET/PT on NBC.

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