NBC’s Powerless Will Feature Crimson Fox & Other DC Comics Characters

DC Comics-inspired Powerless

Superheroes are taking over the small screen – at least some days it sure seems like it. And that’s not a bad thing by any means. Marvel and DC have been offering up a hero-sized helping of super-entertainment – from the gritty Jessica Jones or the lighter Agent Carter to the dark Gotham and action-packed The Flash. But for the rest of us without super-speed or x-ray vision, the real question is, after the villain is vanquished and the day is won, who gets stuck with the mess?

Recently added to DC’s TV universe production slate, the superpower-lite comedy Powerless deals with the intriguing premise of daily life in a super-powered universe. The Office-styled comedy recently cast Vanessa Hudgens (Sucker Punch) as the lead, with Alan Tudyk (Firefly), Christina Kirk (A to Z), and Danny Pudi (Community) in key supporting roles. However, fans of DC’s comic pantheon may ask, with all this Steve Carell-esque banter, will any actual superheroes stop by?

Yes they will, according to Season Zero, who recently got a hold of a draft of the script from the pilot episode of Powerless for NBC. The 35 page teleplay includes an opening sequence, based in fictional "Charm City", which features a battle between one-time Justice League Europe team member Crimson Fox and Jack O’Lantern. During the fight, apparently the two duke it out using a passenger-laden train, leading Hudgens’ character Emily Locke to voice her frustration with superheroes – and setting up the premise of the show.

NBC’s Powerless Will Feature Crimson Fox & Other DC Comics Characters
Crimson Fox and Jack O'Lantern from Justice League Europe

Powerless will be one of several comedic superhero pilots in development, with Disney/Marvel also exploring the aftermath of massive superhero battles in Damage Control, likely to air on ABC. However, this is the first news that actual superheroes will make an appearance on either show (although we could assume as much). The show apparently also makes references to DC TV shared universe staple Big Belly Burger from The Flash and Arrow and supposedly has a pair of sentence-finishing twins named Wendy and Marvin (Super Friends, anyone?). There are additional references to Christina Kirk’s character on Powerless having a thing for Aquaman, although it’s unknown if the aquatic hero will make an appearance beyond possible wall art. It would make a fun cameo, though (hint hint).

Even though it sounds like DC’s pulling out the third stringer heroes for the show, the occasional appearance of superheroes will definitely pique comic book devotees’ curiosity – perhaps more so than a loosely related DC mockup of The Office would anyway. The show could also benefit from a recurring cast of offbeat superhero characters - who, if nothing else, could have to justify their destruction to the show’s insurance claims adjusters. If Powerless does get picked up for a full run, it wouldn’t be surprising to see a few major heroes and villains make the trip from other DCTU shows from time to time, at least in brief.

Despite having a full solid cast and funny script (at least according to Season Zero), it’s a long way from pilot to series for Powerless. With a fun premise that appeals to both DC fanatics and casual viewers, the show stands a good chance of making it through the gates – especially if the characters develop a solid rapport and the show is laced with plenty of superhero-sized problems and DC universe meta-humor.

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Source: Season Zero

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