Powerless Cast Discuss DC Characters in the Pilot Episode

Powerless Vanessa Hudgens NBC

These days, it seems as though superheroes are everywhere. Every few months, another epic adventure hits theaters. Superheroes have also taken over the television and are all over Netflix. While this is great news for superhero fans everywhere, what about the messes the great defenders create? Recently picked up by NBC, the new pilot Powerless, starring Vanessa Hudgens (Sucker Punch), explores the daily lives of those who deal with superhero fallout.

One of the major questions fans of the de-powered DC show have is: which superheroes will be causing the devastation? The latest promo for the pilot reveals a little more of who could stop by, both in cameos and via lip service.

In the featurette, the DC All Access web series interviews stars Alan Tudyk (Firefly), Danny Pudi (Community), and Vanessa Hudgens about their upcoming show (watch the full clip above). Hudgens discusses the not-so-glamorous world of cleaning up after superheroes. The cast also talks about their roles on the show, including Tudyk’s powerless villain of sorts, who he jokes is a “Lex Luthor-type,” in contrast to Hudgens office space protagonist and Pudi’s “fun-loving” office friend. Hudgens describes her character:

“I play Emily Locke. She is the powerless hero. She is the head of claims at the insurance company…she struggles with feeling like she has purpose and meaning. So it’s really about finding her own power.”

Tudyk also explores the appeal of the show. Since Powerless contrasts an office comedy with a super-powered world, it allows the comedy to explore day-to-day superhero activities in their fictional city. Tudyk says:

“You know, the idea that superheroes might need to go to the bathroom…bring the real world into their insane, you know. We sort of live in a Gotham-type city. It’s called Harmony.”

Powerless Vanessa Hudgens NBC

The cast also explores their exposure, while filming the pilot, to certain DC set-pieces, as well as who might show up in cameos. Pudi and cast claim: “Jack O’Lantern is in it. Crimson Fox is in it.” Tudyk also is asked which superhero they’d have to file the most claims on. He jokingly responds: “Aquaman. That guy is stinking…water damage. Everything smells like fish. It’s worse than smoke damage.”

Regrettably, their speculation doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll get to file claims on Aquaman (or a cameo) – despite Christina Kirk’s character’s obsession with the fishy superhero. However, the stars do confirm the presence of two minor stars, as seen in the trailer, Jack O’Lantern and Crimson Fox. Assuming the midseason premiere plays well to audiences, further roles for the bit player heroes and villains wouldn’t be far-fetched either. Of course, a dream multiverse event would have the Powerless crew filing claims on Supergirl, Arrow, the Flash, and the Waverider crew, although the crossover is extremely improbable due to cross-network affiliation.

Depending upon the success of the show, adding a few recurring characters as Tick-like foils could up the overall appeal of the show. Of course, the series' success will depend primarily upon the interplay of the characters and the humor. With greater success comes a greater budget. More money for “DC set pieces” means more chance to bring in bigger superheroes (even beyond the casual references) and create more amusing collateral damage for the dis-empowered characters to deal with. It’s a not-so-vicious cycle which could have fans, superhero aficionados or otherwise, clicking over to Powerless.

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Powerless will air on NBC as a midseason premiere. We will have more details for you as they are made available.

Source: DC All Access

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