Hope has not yet been lost for the inhabitants of Charm City, as Powerless has not been officially cancelled by NBC. The network’s freshman superhero sitcom debuted to less than super ratings, and the fate of the show seemed sealed when NBC yanked the remaining episodes from the schedule, all but spelling doom. The network later announced it would be airing the remaining episodes, but fans everywhere began mourning the short-lived series, assuming it meant that the show was still officially cancelled.

However, today showrunner Patrick Schumaker took to Twitter with a somewhat-hopeful message, one that inspired several #SavePowerless hashtags among the devoted, if small, fan base. Though things obviously aren’t looking great for the show, the plug hasn’t been pulled yet.

The message was short, yet sweet; when Schmaker encountered an article saying goodbye to the series, he said that the show is not “officially cancelled.” For fans, and critics who saw the writing on the wall, this came as a bit of a surprise, since the series being pulled from the lineup seemed to be a sign of imminent cancellation. However, this news provides somewhat of a reprieve for fans. At least the show isn’t cancelled yet.

However, this doesn’t mean that the show is returning for sure. Schumaker also tweeted that there would be no episode this week or next, and that he could guess a few things based on that, none of which were good. It is likely that while NBC might finish airing the season, the freshman comedy will still be cancelled. This is a shame; the show had a strong ensemble, and filled a gap in the superhero lineup that no one knew needed to be filled. A superhero comedy focused on the average Janes and Joes of the DC world, instead of the same characters who populate both the silver and the small screen, was a fresh take on the genre. It’s not likely we’ll see a similar show from Marvel any time soon.

The news might inspire a wave of Save Powerless campaigns from fans, who will take heart that nothing is set in stone yet. However, hopes should be tempered with reality. If the showrunner thinks things are going south, they most likely are. And while it is a shame, there’s always the hope that the series will be picked up by Netflix, Hulu, or another streaming service. Fans would do better to turn their attention to those platforms as they campaign for NBC to save the series. Otherwise, Powerless will be just another cult series starring Alan Tudyk that only lasted one season.

Screen Rant will bring you updates on Powerless as they’re released.

Source: Twitter

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