Powerless Officially Canceled by NBC

NBC cancels DC Comics-inspired series Powerless after just nine episodes have aired, with three episodes still left to air.

Vanessa Hudgens and Danny Pudi in Powerless

NBC's Powerless has been officially cancelled after just nine episodes aired. The new DC Comics-based workplace sitcom showed some promise after it first premiered, boasting a deep, talented cast. Vanessa Hudgens was endearing in the lead role as Emily Locke, the new Director of Research and Development at Wayne Security. Alan Tudyk (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story) was another standout as the boss, Bruce Wayne's cousin Van Wayne.

The show surely had a unique premise, following Locke's time at Wayne Security working with its employees to create products that protect ordinary citizens from the dangers of fighting between superheroes and supervillains inhabiting Charm City. It appeared as if Hudgens and the rest of the cast could carry Powerless through its first season with the promise of more to come. But amid poor ratings and a polarizing response, NBC has decided to pull the plug.

As reported by TV Line on Thursday, NBC has officially cancelled Powerless after only nine episodes. The last episode to air was "Emergency Punch-Up" on April 20. Three remaining episodes in the season ("No Consequence Day," "Win, Luthor Draw," and "Van of the Year") have yet to air after NBC abruptly pulled the show from its weekly schedule. One of the episodes was to feature a cameo from TV's original Batman, Adam West. It's unclear if the unaired episodes be available for fans to watch.

Powerless Easter Egg Kane Finger Pub

Powerless has steadily declined in ratings ever since an already-lukewarm premiere on February 2. After pulling in 3.1 million viewers for the pilot episode, it dropped to 2.52 million for its second episode and fell as low as 1.81 million for episode 6, "I'ma Friend You." Despite the mysterious disappearance of the show from the NBC lineup and website, it wasn't officially cancelled as recently as late April.

On the surface, Powerless certainly had potential as a quirky workplace comedy along the lines of more successful recent series like Brooklyn Nine-Nine or The Mindy Project. But Powerless had the added twist of tying into the DC universe as its storylines could have consistently run parallel to famous comic book plots. Many sitcoms do not hit their stride until after the first season, so it's unfortunate that Powerless couldn't get that chance.

Of course, TV can be a ruthless business and at the end of the day it's about ratings. Powerless simply didn't pull in enough viewers to stay afloat beyond its first nine episodes, failing to recover from its steady decline. It also wasn't consistent enough in its first run to garner a dedicated audience. But if anything, Powerless showed the potential of what could be done in mixing comic books with comedy.

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Source: TV Line

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