Adam West's Full Powerless Episode Made Available Online

The previously unaired episode of Powerless featuring a guest appearance from Adam West has been made available online. The world was saddened last week by the death of iconic TV star Adam West at the age of 88. West was, of course, best known for his time playing Batman on the beloved TV series that ran from 1966-1968, as well as the theatrical film that said series spawned. Contrary to most screen Batmen that have followed, West's caped crusader wasn't exactly the most intimidating person, and existed within a Gotham City more fond of camp than darkness. Still, West remains the definitive live-action Batman in the eyes of many.

One of West's final projects was a guest starring turn on NBC's Powerless, a workplace sitcom set within the DC Comics universe. While Powerless received fairly good reviews, the series just never managed to catch on with the masses, ultimately getting officially canceled by NBC last month. This cancellation left three episodes unaired, including the one featuring West's appearance.

However, as a nod to the late actor, DC Entertainment has now released the full Powerless episode containing West on their official YouTube channel. You can check it out in above.

Adam West Batman Bat Phone

Entitled "Win, Luthor, Draw," the above Powerless episode guest stars West as Dean West, chairman of Wayne Industries, who arrives in Charm City to deliver some bad news to the main team. As one might expect, the episode includes multiple fun references to West's past job of cleaning up Gotham City, including the actor delivering a classic 60's Batman-style ending narration wondering whether this will finally be the downfall of Powerless' leads.

While West initially found difficulty getting work following his Batman run - due to him having been so thoroughly typecast in the role - he eventually found career rebirth by fully embracing his ties to the show, putting in countless movie and TV appearances either as an exaggerated version of himself or as a character similar to his rendition of Batman. All in all, West logged nearly 200 individual credits on both the big and small screens over the course of his long career, of which Powerless is one of the last (although he has one final turn as the Caped Crusader still to come).

As for Powerless' other unaired episodes - entitled "No Consequence Day" and "Van of the Year", respectively - it remains to be seen whether or not they will be made available online for fans of the brief series to check out. The episodes in question have actually aired outside the U.S., so one assumes they'll be put out there at some point, whether via YouTube or on an eventual DVD and/or Blu-Ray release.

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Source: DC Entertainment

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