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DC may still be in the early stage of fully mapping out their shared cinematic superhero universe, but their TV division has been growing strong for years. Gotham continues to hold steady on FOX, while the four-show Arrowverse on The CW is about to be joined by Black Lightning. The various live-action DC Comics-based TV series can be serious in their own way, but most of them have plenty of room for humor too - see, for example, the upcoming musical crossover between The Flash and Supergirl.

Over on NBC, comedy is front and center in their version of the DC universe. Though it premiered to softer ratings than expected, Powerless has continued to win over fans with its lighter take on the DC mythos. After languishing in development for some time, it was repurposed to focus on a group of techies making gadgets to protect people from superhero and villains battles. Led by Alan Tudyk as the cousin of Bruce Wayne, the show has so far been packed full of DC Easter eggs and references. Now, the series is preparing for one of its biggest "Easter Eggs" yet.

NBC have announced that Adam West, of The Batman series from the 1960s, will be guest starring in an upcoming episode of Powerless. He'll play Dean Wayne, the chairman of Wayne Industries board. Check out the synopsis for the episode in question, below:

Following an attack on Gotham City, Wayne Industries has to make some cuts and Mr. West visits Charm City to deliver the bad news to Van and Emily.  Will the dynamic duo of Van and Emily be able to save the team at Wayne Security, or are our Charm City Heroes destined for the unemployment line?

Burt Ward and Adam West as Dynamic Duo in 1966 Batman TV show

There's no word yet on when the episode will air, but it's likely to be a fun one. West has already provided the voiceover for a Powerless promo, so it makes sense to just bring him on board. Despite Gotham and the proliferation of the Arrowverse, West still remains the only actor to play a live-action version of Batman on the small screen. As such, he's quite the get for the young show. Along with the announcement, executive producers Patrick Schumacker and Justin Halpern spoke a bit about the casting of West:

"Powerless is billed as DC's first comedy, but we'll always view Mr. West as the founding father of comedy in the DC Universe, thanks to his work in the original Batman television series. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with a living legend.”

Hopefully, West's involvement will help boost the show's ratings. Though his version of the character was rather campy, it's still got a soft spot in many fan's hearts. The show has even been revived in comic book form, continuing the adventures of West's Batman. If his cameo doesn't help the show, we think an Arrowverse crossover could do the trick. In fact, the producers already have a plan to bring Grant Gustin onto Powerless, if he's game. Only time will tell, but it's hard to deny how appealing the proposition is.

Powerless continues Thursday, March 9th with 'Cold Season' at 8:30 pm on NBC.

Source: NBC

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