Powerless TV Series Set Photos Reveal Crimson Fox

The forthcoming NBC original series Powerless is set to blend the dry comic delivery of the popular workplace sit-com The Office with several facets of the DC Comics universe, including several noted super-powered heroes, heroines, and villains already familiar to comic book readers. Ahead of the show's pilot episode premiere, NBC has already cast the likes of Danny Pudi (Community) and Alan Tudyk (Firefly), in addition to Vanessa Hudgens (Sucker Punch) as leads on the TV series.

Whether or not the show will prove to be as deserving of its DC Comics-inspired premise remains to be seen, though the precedent already set by NBC shows like The Office, in addition to its successor Parks and Recreation, certainly lays the ground work for what could be another workplace comedy hit for the basic cable network. And the added bonus of comic book character Crimson Fox being includes in the script for the Powerless TV show pilot episode is certainly exciting, especially now that we have evidence of Crimson Fox's inclusion - via a batch of set photos that offer a first look at the superhero in action.

Initially posted by Justice League News on their official Twitter account (hat tip to Heroic Hollywood for picking these up), this new batch of Powerless photos feature Crimson Fox in a scene being filmed, with the hooded and cloaked version of the DC Comics superhero holding up what might very well turn out to be a digitally rendered car, or some other form of debris. Based on what has already been revealed about the DC TV show's pilot episode, the images are likely culled from the foretold bout that the heroin will undertake battle with another DC Comics supervillain (possibly Jack O'Lantern, as has been rumored).

You can check out the Powerless set photos below:

Crimson Fox (atriz desconhecida) em novas imagens do set de #Powerless!

— Justice League News (@JusticeLeagueNw) March 7, 2016

By the looks of things, NBC certainly appears primed to give the likes of such similarly minded superhero fare as The Flash and Gotham a run for their money, but with a decidedly more grounded and even toned comedic appeal. And for those viewers of comic book fare otherwise unfamiliar with the larger pantheon of DC and Marvel mythologies and series runs of ages past, the new program should offer the rest of us something to enjoy without any overt ties to the original comic book characters and histories.

It remains to be seen how well the Powerless pilot executive producer and director Ben Queen (A to Z) handles the new show in the lineup of NBC situation comedies, though with the collective talents already assembled the new series should come together without much difficulty. Until Powerless sees its premiere in the near future, fans of the original DC Comics pantheon can continue to speculate in regards to which heroes and villains may make an appearance - while those who continue to bemoan the absence of The Office can anticipate its super-powered successor, so to speak.

Screen Rant will keep you informed on all updates related to Powerless.

Source: Justice League News [via Heroic Hollywood]

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