20 Arrowverse Characters, Ranked Weakest To Strongest

Composed of 53 separate universes (so far), the Arrowverse - the shared multiverse formed by the DC Comics superhero shows on The CW Network - is home to many unique and powerful people. Be they masters of the mystic arts or mighty metahumans, the heroes and villains of the Arrowverse boast an impressive array of superpowers and supernatural abilities.

This begs the question: who are the most powerful characters the Arrowverse? It's a question that deserves deliberation, so we've done just that an assembled a ranking of the strongest of the strong.

It should be mentioned that those characters that were always definitively non-mortal were disqualified in compiling these rankings. It also eliminated sentient manifestations of a force of nature, such as the Black Flash and the various incarnations of the Speed Force when it talked to Barry Allen. In the case of the former, the Black Flash didn't show enough evidence of a sentient personality to qualify as an independent character. In the case of the latter, it is unclear if they truly qualify as a character since they took on the forms of other people.

With that caveat and the terms defined, here are the 20 Most Powerful Arrowverse Characters, Ranked From Weakest To Strongest.

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Wentworth Miller as Captain Cold
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20 Captain Cold

Wentworth Miller as Captain Cold

Career criminal Leonard Snart became the first in a new breed of supervillain following his acquisition two weapons from STAR Labs. Choosing the one that best suited his dispassionate personality - a gun which slowed molecular motion, freezing everything its beam touched instantly -  Snart became one of the few criminals capable of besting the Flash: Captain Cold.

Dubbed "the Master of Absolute Zero", Snart can generate lower temperatures with his cold gun than any ice-empowered metahuman. Even Killer Frost can't match Captain Cold with her natural powers when it comes to speed and efficiency in stopping enemies cold.

The only reason he's not a higher-ranked threat is because his powers are entirely dependent on his gun and he's an ordinary human without them, albeit it one with an uncanny brilliance when it comes to larceny.

19 John Constantine

A self-described "Master of the Dark Arts," John Constantine is not most people's idea of a magician. He's certainly not well-respected or well-liked by what little we've seen of the magical community. Still, those who have crossed or underestimated the blue-collar British magus have come to regret it.

Like his comic book counterpart, John Constantine is more powerful than he lets on. We know he's capable of high magic like restoring a soul that's been detached from its body, and he's literally gone to Hell and back at least once.

Though both would object to the comparison, Constantine is a bit like Batman in that there's little he can't do with the right equipment and enough time to plan. Denied that, John is a fantastic improviser but he's still largely limited in how he can employ his magic.

18 Vixen

Vixen Arrow Feature Image

Passed from mother to daughter down the ancestral line of the Jiwe Family, the Tantu Totem is one of five sacred talismans given to the five great tribes of Zambesi by the gods. Alternatively referred to as the Spirit Totem and the Anansi Totem, the Tantu Totem allows the wielder to emulate the abilities of any animal on Earth, from the speed of a cheetah to the strength of a rhino.

We have seen the power offered by the Tantu Totem utilized by three women of the Jiwe Family - Amaya, her granddaughter Mari McCabe and her grand-niece, the villainous Kuasa. All have used the totem to grand effect, the talisman offering a tremendous variety of abilities and many options in combat. The only reason for their low ranking is that the power is connected to the totem and not to the women themselves.

17 The Thinker

"Knowledge is power." It's an oft repeated colloquialism, most often attributed to the polymath Sir Francis Bacon. It is also, in the case of college professor Clifford DeVoe, a literal truth.

Utilizing a special "thinking cap" of his own design and the energy released by the explosion of STAR Labs' particle accelerator, DeVoe was able to increase his already considerable intelligence. Though no precise measurement has been applied to DeVoe's intellect, his ability to calculate probabilities is such that he can accurately predict and counter the actions of super-speedsters such as the Flash in combat.

As powerful as his mind has become, DeVoe has paid the price for it physically. Like an overclocked computer, DeVoe's nervous system suffered severe damage as his mind "overheated" the physical components. This left DeVoe dependent on his wife to accomplish simple tasks such as buttoning his jacket.

16 Kid Flash

The Flash Season 3 Midseason Premiere Kid Flash Wally West

Engineering student Wally West always felt a need for speed as evidenced by his drag racing under the name "Taillights". A supporting player on Team Flash after reaching out to his estranged father and sister following the death of his mother, Wally would gain powers of his own after an encounter with the villain called Alchemy. This gave Wally a connection to the Speed Force, which he used to aid Barry Allen in fighting the evil metahumans of Central City as Kid Flash.

While Wally may be the fastest speedster on Earth One in terms of sheer velocity (Barry freely admitted that Wally was faster than him), he is still a novice in terms of utilizing his power effectively. He can catch bullets and redirect their motion quite easily but has yet to master some of the stunts that Barry Allen accomplishes with ease.

15 Jesse Quick

The Flash Season 3 Jesse Quick

The Earth Two version of Harrison "Harry" Wells is rarely complimentary of anyone or anything. One of the few exceptions to this is his daughter Jesse, whom Wells thinks is even more intelligent than him. High praise indeed given Harry's egotism!

Wells' nickname for his quick-witted daughter - Jesse Quick - proved prophetic, as Jesse acquired a connection to the Speed Force and began fighting crime as a superhero, despite an overprotective Harry's reservations.

While Jesse's top speed hasn't been charted, she has been remarkably clever about how she uses her powers. She was able to replicate tricks pioneered by Barry Allen, such as throwing lightning, within a few weeks of beginning her training as a speedster. She also proved capable enough to single-handedly protect Earth Three in Jay Garrick's absence, during the war with Savitar.

14 The Flash

The Flash Mixed Signals Promo

Empowered by the fusion of a bolt of lightning and the energy released by the explosion of STAR Labs' particle accelerator, forensic analyst Barry Allen was transformed into the first of a new wave of metahumans. Working with the scientists at STAR Labs to bring the menace they had created under control, Barry Allen would come to be publicly known as The Flash.

Despite billing himself as "The Fastest Man Alive", that was not the literal truth. During his formative years as a superhero, Barry routinely faced villains with connections to the Speed Force who proved far faster and more capable of using their powers than he was.

In time, Barry would become more confident in his abilities, faster and less dependent on his friends at STAR Labs to tell him how to use his powers creatively. As it stands now, Barry is truly worthy of his title.

13 Jay Garrick

Little is known about the past of Jay Garrick - a speedster from Earth Three, who also coincidentally fights crime under the nom de plume The Flash. Regardless of how he got his powers, Jay has proven willing to act as a mentor to Barry Allen. Indeed, Jay has become something of a father figure to Barry, lending the younger Flash the benefit of his experience in both working with the Speed Force and in fighting crime.

Though age may have slowed Jay Garrick down, he makes up in knowledge what he now lacks in speed. He's shown an ability to track Barry Allen through the Speed Force and the capacity to knock him out of it, while Barry was traveling between Earths. While he may not be as fast as Barry in a sprint, Jay's knowledge gives him a clear advantage over the younger speedster.

12 Zoom

Flash season 3 Zoom Black Flash

Granted a connection to the Speed Force when a wave of dark matter energy merged with the electricity used in his shock therapy, serial killer Hunter Zolomon became the Fastest Man Alive on Earth Two. Dubbing himself Zoom, Zolomon became the leader of a network of metahuman criminals.

Zoom further boosted his powers through the creation of a serum he called Velocity. The drug would prove to be his undoing, however, as it caused cellular degeneration. This pushed Zoom to seek out the speedsters of other Earths in a bid to steal their powers and stabilize his condition.

Despite his erratic nature, Zoom was capable of feats no speedster to date could accomplish. Chief among these was his creation of time remnants - "clones" protected from oblivion by the Speed Force, formed whenever a Speedster created a divergent timeline, the continued existence of which was required to maintain the continuity of the universe.

11 Abra Kadabra

Hailing from the 64th century, the criminal known as Abra Kadabra was a wanted menace on multiple worlds. Capable of traveling between Earths at will, but not through time itself, Barry Allen first encountered Kadabra as he was attempting to steal the technology necessary to build a time machine so that he could return home.

This was not, it should be noted, the first time that Kadabra had encountered the Flash. Indeed, Kadabra claimed that he would be one of Barry Allen's greatest enemies in his future.

With a body implanted with futuristic technology, Kadabra was able to instantly alter reality around him in ways that seemed like magic. This included transforming Joe West's gun into a water pistol, conjuring matter into existence, holographic illusions, and teleporting himself and others at will. Kadabra's power did have limits, however, and the Flash soon gave him the run-around.

10 Damien Darhk

Neal McDonough as Damien Darhk in Arrow Season 4 Episode 23

It is unknown precisely how old Damien Darhk is. We do know that he was a member in good-standing of the League of Assassins, elongating his life through the use of the Lazarus Pit, until an attempted coup against Ra's al Ghul. It is a credit to Darhk's skill that he was able to survive this treasonous action, much less go on to study sorcery and become a feared figure among Earth One's magicians. His acquisition of the Khushu Idol further cemented his position.

Even without the Khushu Idol, Darhk is a force to be reckoned with. As a physical combatant, he is capable of holding his own against the likes of Green Arrow and White Canary. Following his recent resurrection, he seems to have reacquired the powers of the Khushu Idol and is now capable of fighting multiple opponents single-handed with his telekinetic powers.

9 Superman

Tyler Hoechlin as Superman in Supergirl

Sent away from the doomed planet Krypton as an infant, Kal-El and the rocket which carried him would be discovered by Martha and Jonathan Kent - a couple of farmers from Kansas. Unable to have children of their own, the two decided to raise the boy as their own.

Kal El - now called Clark Kent - would learn of his alien heritage and more, the fantastic powers granted to him by Earth's yellow sun. Upholding the ideals of Earth and Krypton, he fights a never-ending battle for Truth and Justice as Superman.

While Superman is undeniably powerful, he is also reluctant to use the full scope of his abilities. Few opponents truly test him so his biggest challenge is frequently protecting those around him from harm, rather than simply beating down various supervillains.

8 Ubergirl

Like her Earth-38 counterpart, this version of Kara Zor-El was jettisoned away from her homeworld of Krypton as a teenager. Unfortunately she landed on Earth X - a world where the Nazis had won World War II.

Indoctrinated into their "might makes right" philosophy which preached the inherent superiority of the Aryan Races, the blonde-haired, blue-eyed Kara Zor-El seemed living proof of the validity of their ideals. Going by the name Ubergirl, Kara became a General in the armies of the Third Reich and the lover of Fuhrer Oliver Queen.

Ubergirl suffered from a condition brought on by the absorption of too much yellow sunlight. This overtaxed her body and left her pained and exhausted after extended periods of physical stress. Though unwilling to hold back in the use of her powers, she expressed surprise at how much stronger her Earth-38 counterpart was in comparison.

7 Supergirl

An ordinary teenager on the planet Krypton, Kara Zor-El was sent to the planet Earth to take care of her infant cousin, Kal-El. Circumstances delayed Kara's arrival on Earth, however, and by the time her rocket was discovered, Kal-El had grown into the hero Superman. Living the life of an ordinary Earth woman, Kara was forced into action when the plane carrying her adoptive sister, Alex, nearly crashed. With her powers revealed to the world, Kara joined her cousin's crusade to protect their adopted homeworld as Supergirl.

Kara ranks above Clark on this list because she's proven far less reluctant to repress her powers when pushed. Also, Superman freely admits that his cousin is stronger than he is. This was proven definitively when Supergirl was able to defeat him when he was being mind-controlled and neither of them were holding back.

6 Reign

Like Kal-El and Kara Zor-El, the woman who became known as Samantha Arias was a refugee from Krypton. Unlike the children of the House of El, an infant Samantha was not the product of a loving home. Instead, she was the culmination of years of scientific research by a secretive sect who worshiped the old gods of Krypton - a "world killer" genetically engineered to execute justice without mercy, who would come to "reign" over her adopted homeworld.

While nowhere near as well-versed in controlling her powers as Supergirl, Reign appears to have more raw strength than her. Their first battle left Supergirl beaten into a coma and seriously wounded, barely clinging to life in the DEO medical bay. This would seem to make Reign more powerful than her... for now.

5 Martian Manhunter

One of the few survivors of the genocidal war between the Green Martians and the White Martians, J'onn J'onzz fled to Earth and lived in hiding for several centuries. Saved from the homicidal DEO Director Hank Henshaw by the actions of Jeremiah Danvers, J'onn repaid his debt to Danvers by assuming Henshaw's identity and watching out for Danvers' daughters, Alex and Kara, in secret.

Though severely under-powered compared to his comic book counterpart, the Martian Manhunter still boasts an amazing variety of powers that place him above even Kryptonians. While not as inherently strong as Superman or Supergirl, J'onn can alter his density to become as durable as them or phase through solid matter. His shape-shifting powers, in addition to being great camouflage, allow him to heal damage. His telekinetic abilities grant him the power of flight and his telepathy allows him to alter the memories and perceptions of most species.

4 Savitar

The self-dubbed "God of Speed" Savitar was renowned and feared throughout the Multiverse as the fastest being in reality. An imposing figure, clad in armor forged of the Speed Force itself, he was capable of moving so fast that even Barry Allen could not perceive him in motion.

Savitar earned his high rank on this list not only because of his status as the most powerful speedster in the Arrowverse but also because of his command of the Philosopher's Stone. In addition to granting him telepathic powers (he was able to manipulate Wally West by making him think that Savitar was his mother), the Stone allowed Savitar to bestow metahuman abilities upon other people. Precisely how he accomplished this is unknown but it was this ability that transformed Wally West into Kid Flash.

3 Mister Mxyzptlk

Supergirl Mr Mxyzptlk Superman

Hailing from the Fifth Dimension, Mister Mxyzptlk claimed to be a god when he first appeared in National City, intending to woo Supergirl and claim her as his bride.

While probably not a literal deity, his magical powers made him into the next best thing. He was able to alter reality around him at will, putting countless innocents in danger as he tried to emotionally blackmail Kara Zor-El into a romantic relationship.

Despite his great powers and a rather ridiculous weakness that sends him back to his home dimension if he spells or says his name backwards, Mxyzptlk is not invincible. While he can alter the physical world and trick a person with illusions, he cannot fundamentally alter a person's sense of self by interfering with free will. He can't force people to love him, prevent them from harming themselves, or - for some reason - make them drink orange juice.

2 Music Meister

The Flash Duet Kara Danvers Barry Allen Music Meister

Claiming to be from outside the normal multiverse; a place beyond the comprehension of ordinary humans, the Music Meister seemed to have powers on par with those of Mister Mxyzptlk. He proved far more benevolent, however, twisting reality around Kara Zor-El and Barry Allen and putting them into a world where the laws governing the stories of the big-screen musicals they both loved were as powerful as the laws of physics.

Why? To teach them a lesson about the importance of love, of course!

The Music Meister is ranked above Mister Mxyzptlk for two reasons. First, the Music Meister was able to neutralize Kara and Barry's powers - a feat Mxyptlk never managed in his battle with Supergirl. The second is that Music Meister doesn't seem to have Mxyzptlk's limit on manipulating free will, turning the people around Kara and Barry into his singing, dancing puppets.

1 Reverse Flash

Reverse Flash Villains Arrowverse

Enraptured by the legends of the Flash, a 22nd century man named Eobard Thawne recreated the conditions that gave Barry Allen super-speed and empowered himself, traveling back in time with the goal of meeting his hero. Instead Thawne learned a horrible truth that was lost to the recorded history of his time - that a man named Eobard Thawne became the Flash's greatest enemy! Driven mad by the revelation, Thawne grew to hate his idol and set about trying to destroy Barry Allen's life as the Reverse Flash!

Somehow, Thawne keeps coming back despite having been erased from history twice thanks to the efforts of Eddie Thawne and the Legends. Based on his recent appearance in Crisis on Earth-X, it seems that Thawne may have followed in the footsteps of his comic book counterpart and come to exist outside of time, immune to the effects of paradox and completely unkillable!


Who do you think is the strongest character in the Arrowverse? Let us know in the comments!

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