15Zords Are Named After Zordon

David Fielding Zordon

While it may seem obvious in hindsight, it’s never actually stated in the show that the Zords are named after Zordon, the giant floating head and leader of the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers team. They’re simply called that from the start.

In the pilot episode, however, Zordon was actually named

Zoltar and the Zords were actually referred to as droids. Never mind that George Lucas probably would have sued the spandex pants off the Rangers, Zord is a much more evocative and specific name, a word forever linked to the Power Rangers and something they could riff on in the future, and changing it was clearly the right call. But the fact that it changed from “droids” to “Zords” at the same time Zordon’s name changed seems to suggest that the two are intrinsically connected.

And while it may seem a little egotistical to name the giant robots you created after yourself, well, it can’t be said that Zordon doesn’t have a big head.

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