15Villain Grooms The Blue Ranger

There are a lot of moments in the Power Rangers universe where characters engage in some “odd” behavior. In the series Power Rangers Time Force, the Blue Ranger gets set up with the daughter of the season's main villain, Ransik, by Ransik himself.

However, in classic high school drama fashion, the Blue

Ranger isn’t necessarily privy to this information, and he’s stunned (rightfully so) when the villain pulls him aside in the middle of a fight to make sure he’s looking dapper. Fr a brief moment in time, the villain’s hands start to move a little too far south, and the camera focuses in on the villain caressing the Blue Ranger's “no-no” area.

This seems to be one of those moments in which the actors, the director, a writer, or a food service worker would point out that this shouldn’t be shown to children, but luckily for this list (and unfortunately for the scarred children), that didn’t happen.

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