Power Rangers Vs Voltron: Megazord Faces Voltron in a Deadly Battle

One of the most fascinating parts of the modern day superhero movie craze is how the rivalry between comic book publishing titans, DC and Marvel, has carried over to the cinematic realm. It's largely due to both companies' histories, characters, and stories being influenced and mimicked by each other over the decades of their respective operations. However, there is another rivalry that has been simmering since the early 1990's, that soon may come bubbling to the surface.

Voltron and Power Rangers are two enormous franchises with fanbases too large to ignore. In 1984, the animated Voltron: Defender of the Universe took the world by storm. The show was about five space pilots whose individual warships (in the form of robotic lions) combine into a gigantic robot known as Voltron. While Mighty Morphin Power Rangers came on the scene in 1993, featuring five teenagers who pilot robotic prehistoric animals which combine into a giant robot known as the Megazord. So, the similarities and groundwork for tension between the franchises is clear.

Thanks to Ismahawk, fans of both franchises will finally get their questions answered. In their latest episode of Minute Match-Up, they pit the resurgent Mighty Morphin Power Rangers against the crew of Voltron, in a long-awaited fight to the death, which you can watch above.

Power Rangers Voltron Fan Film

The personalities of both the Power Rangers and Voltron are well represented, as well as their recognizable fighting styles. There are nice touches in the video, such as the crew of Voltron immediately evaluating that they are outmatched in hand-to-hand combat and wasting no time to retreat to their ships. Meanwhile, the flavor of the Power Rangers original, cheesy appeal is clearly present in the short film as well.

It's also hard to overlook the short film's production design, costumes, and visual effects. Despite this not being a multi-million dollar production, there is a clear attention to detail in adapting the respective look of both shows into live-action. The casting and writing also manages to capture the spirit of both franchises, which adds an extra layer of authentic tongue-in-cheek fun to the video.

Power Rangers is the first property to get the reboot treatment, with a new film coming in March. The release of the first trailer created a measurable buzz as director Dean Israelite (Project Almanac) looks to be creating a much more grounded interpretation of the property. Meanwhile, the animated Netflix show, Voltron: Legendary Defenderhas a second season returning in early 2017 for the streaming service. However, getting a live-action adaptation of the property to the big-screen has been an uphill battle for decades. Perhaps, the success of Power Rangers will pave the way for Voltron as well and the rivalry can move from TV to the cinemas

Voltron: Legendary Defender returns to Netflix for its second season on January 20, 2017.

Power Rangers opens in theaters on March 24th, 2017.

Source: Ismahawk

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