15Power Rangers: Wild Force (Game Boy Advance)

Power Rangers Wild Force game

The Wild Force incarnation of Power Rangers occurred during the show's tenth season, and also served as an anniversary celebration for the franchise (coincidentally, it was based on what was the 25th anniversary of the Super Sentai series on which the Power Rangers is based). Unfortunately, the video game based on that season didn't share its

nostalgia, and only focused on the six then-current Rangers.  

That said, Wild Force is a fun little brawler, even though its simplicity is best-suited for younger players. The Ranger sections take place from an isometric perspective, with the action shifting to a side view when you enter a Megazord boss battle.

One nifty feature of this game is its multiplayer, which allows up to four players to battle at once-- if you have the patience for the required tangle of cords that goes with multiplayer GBA games-- and has the best-performing player in each stage getting to be the one to fly the Zord solo against each boss. A lot of co-op games have a competitive angle, but rarely is there a reward for "winning" beyond a high score or something equally arbitrary. Wild Force offers a legitimate incentive to outperform your friends, something more games of its type should do.

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