14Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Mega Battle (PlayStation 4, Xbox One)

Power Rangers Mega Battle Gameplay

One of the nice things about Mega Battle is that it purports to be an alternate telling of the events of the original series, making it a nice entry point for anyone who might be new to the franchise and feel overwhelmed by its years of canonical baggage. The game also

takes a different visual approach, opting to go for a more hand-drawn animated look, rather than trying to replicate the live-action series as most Power Rangers games have done post-16-bit.

The biggest downside to Mega Battle is that the developers seemed intent on distancing the game from the campiness of the series, which is a misguided decision as that's a big part of why so many people love Power Rangers. The mechanics themselves are solid, though, with satisfying fisticuffs and boss battles that let you test out the little-used tank mode from the series to lob missiles at your enemies. All of that, combined with still being one of the only Power Rangers games in HD, makes for a game that is a good choice for new fans, as well as old ones who don't mind the downplaying of the franchise's signature cheesiness.

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