Power Rangers Clip: Zack Takes His Zord For A Test Drive

Zack/The Black Ranger and his Mastodon Dino Zord in Power Rangers

As the Power Rangers reboot nears its March 24 release, more fresh footage of the Rangers in action continues to surface. The climactic battle between the five main characters and Rita Repulsa has been at the center of the promotion for the film, especially the battle between the Zords. The Power Rangers’ gigantic dinosaur-inspired robots take on a whole new look in Dean Israelite’s reboot and have gradually been revealed throughout the marketing process.

Israelite recently commented about the Zords’ new design, explaining how the filmmakers behind Power Rangers wanted to make the robots as “practical” as possible while retaining the “spirit” of the dinosaur species that inspired each of them. Recent TV spots have given better glimpses of both the Dinozords riding into action and Megazord forming for the ultimate battle, but a new extended clip gives one of the longest, clearest looks yet at one of the Power Rangers’ Zords.

Lionsgate premiered the clip, called "Zack Crash," on Wednesday. As you can probably imagine, Zack (Ludi Lin), a.k.a. the Black Ranger, takes his new Mastodon Dinozord for a spin - and he’s clearly not quite ready to operate it. Watch above as Zack’s Zord bursts through a rock face, stampedes over a hill, and gets some serious air. Zack eventually crashes uncontrollably back into the mysterious cave where the rest of the Rangers are still with an unsuspecting Alpha 5 (Bill Hader).

Zack/The Black Ranger and his Mastodon Dino Zord in Power Rangers

The clip is the most extended look yet at any of the Power Rangers’ Zords from the actual film. Every trailer and TV spot so far have only briefly shown the robots in action. Israelite explained in his recent interview that the design team did “take certain liberties” to make each of the Zords more practical - which would explain the Mastodon having eight legs instead of four.

It’s likely that the other four Zords will also have their share of quirks that aren’t necessarily characteristic of the animals that inspired them. On modern-day Earth, the Zords will have to navigate treacherous terrain and adapt to their surroundings in ways that creatures like a Mastodon wouldn’t be able to do, so it makes sense to give the Zords that kind of modernized upgrade.

The first extended look at one of the Dinozords is promising for the new Power Rangers in terms of action, visuals, and humor. It may be on the predictable side that a clumsy Ranger would fumble around in his first try at operating a Zord, but as long as the acting and writing ultimately succeed, the Zord scenes will be one of the film’s most enjoyable aspects. No matter how the story and character development turns out in the Power Rangers reboot, the Zords appear to be a sure bet to look good and be plenty of fun.

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Source: Lionsgate Movies

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